Humble Review: Rendezvous Lounge & Cafe @ Kg Ulu Pauh, Perlis

Wallet-friendly lounge in the neighbourhood of Changlun and Arau.

An approximate of 20 minutes driving journey along the highway from my hostel, Rendezvous Lounge & Cafe is located at the area of Medan Universiti, walking distance from the main entrance of UNIMAP Perlis, Operating business right at the side corner occupying two slots of double storey shop lots, it is easily spotted once you made a left turn that is right opposite of the main entrance of Unimap.

Since its strategic location in the neighbourhood and variety choices of wallet-friendly halal food and beverages served, apparently, students are the main group of customers. Another attractions would be its differentiation from others, there are few facilities provided in the lounge, for instance, pool game (RM 3 per game), magnetic darts, a corner of CD playstation, table football (at second floor) that gives the patrons to have some leisure moment while dining in. In addition, diners would be hooked up and get cheered under the ambience as there is a long list of pop music that keeps playing with music videos played on tv.

Upon stepping in the lounge, this specially decorated staircase would caught into your sight. Not to mention, it has been the top hot spot to take photos in the lounge.

Below are the snapshots of menu for your references. A little drawback is the poor maintenance of the menu, some are already torn out a little. Besides, the font size is quite small and hardly read under the dim lighting in the lounge. During our visits, there are many cross-out items we see on the menu.
You could dine in the lounge as low as RM 4.90.
 The range of price of food is set within RM 25 by the way.
Ranging from starters, to main course including local, western and oriental delights, the pricing is relatively affordable.

The list of beverages are as followed.

Rendezvous Lounge and Cafe runs self-service in making the order. A saucer-shaped beeper is then given to customers to signal them when their food is ready.
If you wish to get 10% rebate on your bill, kindly take the dishes back to the counter and the cashier would automatically rebate for you on your payment.

By the way, it's an impromptu coursemates dinner date.
The waiting times takes around 15-20 minutes in the peak dinner hour, hence we played some games or UNO cards provided there to kill our times.
Chocolate Coco (RM6.90)
Receiving high response from customers, this generous portion of chocolate flavoured ice blended drinks seems to be the favourite choice if you do love chocolate flavoured drinks all the time.
The blended ice is quite fine and smooth, simply at average tasting. 
Personally, I would demand for a little bit more of chocolate chips that topped on the drinks.

Tom Yum Fried Rice (RM 5.90)
According to one of my friends who ordered this, this is the top choice of students who dine in here especially the guys. They think that the price is reasonable with its rice portion.

However, the taste is slightly disappointing during our visit. 
First, the rice alone is quite sticky which is not that appropriate to be served as fried rice.
Second, the tom yum flavour is not to my own liking as it tastes rather sweeter.

Tom Yum Noodle Soup (RM4.90)
Instant cooking of tom yum maggie soup that sided with few ingredients like poached eggs, sausage and selected vegetables like sliced onion (super generous amount) and sliced carrots.

Having a mild creamy taste, it tastes quite flavourful if you opt for sweet version of Tom Yum soup  
I would say it is a filling bowl to be satisfied especially during the rainy days. 

Rendezvous Fried Rice (RM6.90)
How could you say no to signature dish in the house?
Served on a moderate heat of sizzling hot plate, the fried rice is placed on a  round-bottomed thin layer of egg. It is topped with everyone's favourite, the bolognese sauce.

Another filling meal to go, I like the idea of shimmering some grated Parmesan cheese on the bolognese sauce, mix well with fried rice though.

Spaghetti Carbonara Ham and Mushroom (RM8.90)
Sliced mushrooms and ham are served along the pasta.

Nothing to be highlighted on it, fairly tasted, I would say. The pasta is a little bit dry, however

Personal Chicken Soup Hotpot (RM 7.90)
Diners who are tend to go light tasting, this is appropriate to fulfill your request.
White rice is served together with chicken soup which inside put a number of steamboat ingredients and sliced onions.

The soup taste is mild, not as salty as I thought.
Simply delicious and warm your tummy as having a bowl of rice at the same time.

Lemon Chicken Rice (RM 6.90)
Chicken fillet accompanied with lemon sauce and white rice served along.
Sliced cuts of steamed egg that placed on top of the rice as a source of protein
to balance your daily diet.

The lemon sauce is not too artificial, quite refreshing on its gentle level between sourness and sweetness. Despite it's a frozen food, the fillet is not too oily to be eaten after deep fried.
Moreover, it is still warm when it is served.
This is also another filling food you could consider if you are a big eater.

Walking around to take some photos of the surroundings.
Spot the pool game.

Dinner companions.

Shout out to Beatless's fans, come over to take photos with this huge background poster

MJ with his signature posture.

Here to show a panorama view of a corner of the lounge from our seats.

Unfortunately, it's inconvenient to go upstairs as there was a private function (birthday party) held. 
There are also private dining rooms, each with air-conditioner and flat screen TV, accommodates up to 6 persons in a room. 
Also, table football is placed at the upstairs for the diners' pleasure.
 If you happen to drop by around one day, I would strongly recommend you to have your own dining experience over there. Indeed, it's a great place not only for dining, also a space to have discussion among each others or simply a hangout spot to chill.

You can reach the destination by using Waze app.

Summary:(Scaling point: 0 - lowest; 5 - highest)
Price: 3.5/5 (Considered wallet-friendly to dine in at a lounge)
Taste: 3/5 ( Most of our orders are averagely delectable)
Dining Ambience: 3.5/5
Vehicle Parking: 3.5/5 (Most of the shop lots are yet to opened for business)
Business Hour: 12.00pm - 12.00am. Open everyday.
Address: NO 1&3, Jalan Mu Dua, Medan Universiti, 02600 Kampung Ulu Pauh, Perlis, Malaysia.
Contact No: 011-1300 2100
Facebook Page: Rendezvous
Thank you for reading.

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