A sweet evening to be remembered

Grown up to be a mild drama addict, I've been always imagining that one day I will be like the characters in drama who spend their leisure evening for a staged dance performance. I love arts and performances, it is simply evident over my stage performances since kindergarten. I guess this little wish of mine has been heard and it came true! Yes, last Sunday, I attended a modern choreography presented by Akram Khan Company who are invited all the way from United Kingdom.

In conjunction with George Town Festival (GTF) 2016, 'Kaash' (the title of the performance) is one of the exciting performing art showcases in a month-long event. The rationale of GTF is encouraging the citizens to experience world class shows, exhibitions, arts and culture. Just imagine, there are over than thousands of visitors from all over the world are here to work out for this event, how bustling it would be in the city!  Proudly being one of the 'Penang Lang' (Penangites), I have no more reasons not to give myself an opportunity to attend at least one performance from GTF.

Kaash, literally means 'if only' in Hindi word is a production from Akram Khan Company. Awarded in 2002 as The Crictics' Circle National Dance Award for Best Modern Choreography, this is the first time of their performance in Southeast Asia *Proud Face* I'm glad that Yi Joo is interested on this too, therefore off we two went for a memorable evening date.

As the rules go, no photos or videos are allowed throughout the 55-minute shows, hence I've got a sneak peek of Kaash to share with you all. The video as followed is taken from the official website of George Town Festival 

Just my two-cents, they are spectacularly awesome between the shift of motion, lighting and the background music. It might be abstract to understand for some moments but we were amazed over their clean body alignment, energy as well as their passion. Not to mention, it is also a chance to put aside our phones to stay away from the virtual chaos while to fully revel into this award-winning choreography.

 The event crew all are friendly to approach too.
Just a posture of holding camera/phone and a smile, they are ready to take some photos for you.

 This is Yi Joo (try to tickle the man's armpit?)

Me trying to pose like how the man in the poster does.

There might be some of you are not Penang Lang but we, Penang Lang including George Town Festival are always welcome everyone of you to come over to Penang to join this annual month-long festival. George Town Festival starts from 29th July till 28 August 2016, there are 5 days to go before it ends and lots of events are waiting for you! They consist of both free admission and some require tickets which are affordably priced.

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I hope you enjoy reading, thank you
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