Hello Senior Welcome Junior 2016

It's a new semester to enroll!

New intake occurs each semester including my course, too! There are a number of new intake (Chinese) for Business Mathematics course programme and we continue the tradition of making a dinner gathering with the juniors, at least to 'showcase' the old and new faces to each others.

To be honest, this is my second time (out of four) in attending this. Dropping out the two in between total four times are not on-purpose as I ( as well my coursemates) had own schedule to run that hardly to adjust for the gathering, so sorry anyway. Anyhow, it always feels good to meet the juniors, chit chat and had a great dinner time with them.

I appreciate to have one of the handmade bookmarks that the juniors prepared for us, each of them is labelled with our names. It's the heart that counts, thank you very much for the effort!!!

Here's a short video to summarize the gathering last Thursday, enjoy!

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