VLOG 03 - What super seniors do on the add-drop week

Time flies, being the final year students, we are now the so called SUPER SENIORS in the campus!
Add-drop week is the first week of lecture that occurs in every semester, which most of the students see it as a bonus week, I suppose! It is the only lecture week that is rather stress-free, as the adjustment for timetable are available to make it throughout the week.

In other words, add-drop week simply means ice-breaking time with less lecture session in the class. The lecturer and students get to know each other and also engaged on some class rules. This is the last add-drop week for us so we these super seniors wouldn't want to miss it out, hence bonding time!

The vlog as attached following simply sums up our activities on that week and the most exciting part would be karaoke session! I never knew most of them are karaoke junkies, haha!
Enjoy the video and feel free to leave your comments or suggestions for any improvements, too!