I'm SNOW-mad! 3.0

Most of my friends know that I very love to take selfie with SNOW app. The app adds new sticker regularly which makes me to save a lot of selfie from there. And to be honest, this app is one of the tool that I use it to cheer myself especially the treatment period earlier this year. I got to know this app as introduced in a Taiwanese variety show and since I was sort of quarantined myself in the hostel, so to kill boredom as well as my time, I had gone SNOW-mad since then!
So the following are some of the selfie I took since I first discovered the app.

Girls being girls, how could you resist to all these lovely stickers?

I can even eat maple leaf as well!

The deer effect is simply excellent, I like it the most!

 I also got feedback from one of my friends saying that I have a weird hobby, haha! I would post some funny videos or selfie on my Instagram occasionally.

Another say me hiao but I don't care. This is a source of little happiness of a day, so why not?

 Face wash effect is so much real and amazing!

It is also great chillax tool whenever I take a break from doing assignments or revision.

You see, I have a different role play here haha!!
From being Chang Er, The White Rabbit from Alice in the Wonderland, a baby and even oppa Song Joong Ki (Salute!)

Aha, last one. Sometimes, making myself ugly isn't a bad thing to entertain myself and my friends too! How come I feel that the last one a little bit similar to Piko Taro? That pair of eyes...

I would be happy to know you are thrilled with these patternful photos, why not you install it on your phone? It can be an effective bonding tool with your family and friends too!
 Perhaps you could take this as a super super low cost Halloween themed selfie?

All stickers can be done with either short videos or selfie.
Here are two videos I have combined previously, click the link above if you haven't watched yet.

I hope you enjoy reading, thank you!


  1. Aiyo... you really made my day lo. Both videos and photos really just too awesome for me. Really need you to be my sifu of selfie queen as although I got play with Snow app, but not so 'geng' as you lo... 😂😂😂

    1. Hehe, I'm happy to know it makes your day! Aiya I very pattern one la hahaha just act out whatever it come across your mind, just don't shy to show it out! haha, got chance we discover it together when we meet okay?