Head to Revolutionary Shopping with Lazada Malaysia today!

11.11 Mega Sales is already a common shopping event on mostly worldwide online shopping websites and stores. 

As I'm still a student with no monthly income beside educational loan for academic purpose and right enough for daily expenses. I can only do online shopping occasionally where I have to plan on my expenditure to save up an amount to pay for shopping.

One day mega sale on 11.11 sounds not coming at quite right timing for me to be honest, however, I'm thrilled knowing that Lazada Malaysia is actually carrying out one-month long mega sales as known as ONLINE REVOLUTION 2016. This is Lazada’s fifth Online Revolution since its inaugural launch in 2012.

This simply means I can do my shopping within one month instead of only one day on 11.11! Definitely a great news for everyone especially students like me.

There are eight prospects of shopping along one month long of Lazada Malaysia Online Revolution.
Therefore, make sure you mark down on your calendar and get ready to enjoy all jaw-dropping offers from international and local brands where it is hard to be found on others! 

Let me show you what's on the Lazada Malaysia shopping website.

There you are directed to the page of Online Revolution of Lazada Malaysia that is happening for one month long from 11 November till 12 December 2016.
Since we are now at the period of Family Superstar (18 - 24 November 2016), so shoppers get to enjoy up to 70% off on the goods in this categories for seven days!

Calling all daddies and mummies, spot any of your shopping categories here?

Also, there are daily deals with 12 different range of goods for you to pick. 
Make sure you log on everyday within this month long to view the most suitable goods that are on the beatable prices
PS: Bean bag is quite reasonable, should I get one to be placed at the living room in my house? Hmm

Themed as “Brands for All” to mark Lazada’s evolution into a one-stop shop for Malaysian’s favorite brands. Participating brands in this year’s Online Revolution could simply skip your heart for a beat over all the great deals!

Let's see some of the participating brands along with the exciting offers!

For Ladies: Drypers,  Nestlé, and Maybelline 

For Tech/Gadget Savvies: Samsung and ZTE devices and accessories.
For mummies: Baby diapers from Tesco

For sports enthusiasts, you have more selections from Sports Direct.com
GOO.N baby disposable pants for mummies to choose
Choices of cat diet from ProDiet specially for pet lovers

For daddies and students, you gotta have a look on merchandises featured by Microsoft and Bosch
For toddlers, educational toys from Fisher-Price at beatable deals 

Lazada Group is claimed to be Southeast Asia’s number one online shopping and selling destination, beside Malaysians, Lazada also serves Indonesians, the Philippines, Singaporeans, Thais/Siamese and Vietnamese an effortless shopping experience with multiple payment methods including cash-on-delivery, extensive customer care and free returns since its launching in March 2012.

In conjunction with this one-month long revolutionary shopping, it is definitely one of my most honoured times to receive Parcel of Joy from Lazada Malaysia. It is to bring out the message of Brands for All where I have different brands of goods in one little parcel, check out the video as followed for my virgin unboxing experience in front of the lens! Thank you Lazada Malaysia once again.

I bet you would be even more joyful to have your parcel of goods purchased than I was via Lazada Online Revolution 2016.
Search for your favourtire brands and happy shopping everyone!

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