Humble Review: Noodle History 尹面之家 @ Stargate, Alor Setar, Kedah

"喂,我们好像很久没有吃Alor Star 的Wan Tan Mee了咧。"
"ON 啦! Kia, Jio 大家这星期去吃。"
"OK OK! 确定人数了我们就打给租车的问问看。"

The short yet typical conversation as above must have occurred among UUM students during campus life, I swear. In case you're unable to read Mandarin, it is about a typical student asking coursemates or friends heading to Alor Star for the well-known Wan Tan Noodle (云吞面) in the town. It is not the typical one like what we have at the hawker centre but in a restaurant, rather than selling the wan tan noodle solely, the side dishes are also a big highlight, too! Noodle History 尹面之家 is none other familiar term to Alor Star folks or perhaps UUM students for a wan tan noodle specialty house.

The signature Wan Tan Noodle

Noodle History is located at Stargate, a stone's throw away from the Tesco Stargate and SMART Tol Plaza Exit at Alor Star Selatan. It is the branch of Noodle History as the main one is located under flyover along Simpang Kuala where the local refer it as 天桥下的云吞面. 

The latter one operates at Simpang Kuala, click here to get redirected to the map. It is quite tricky to locate without the aid of GPS if you are not familiar with the traffic there. The business hour starts at 7.30pm and closed on Saturdays.

Air-conditioned dining space is definitely great to escape from the heat outside, however, al-fresco area is provided as well for the smokers' convenience.

And you know it's menu showcase time now.

Thumbs up for the crew over the menu as it is presented attractively!

Waiting hour is fair to us. We'd first got one of the signatures as starter.

Signature Wan Tan Soup (RM 5 )
The homemade dumplings are in smaller size than usual, approximately ten in a bowl. Personally I love how chewy the dumpling is or in Mandarin 有嚼劲.
Moreover, the clear soup is our favourite, too, where it is simply unstoppable scooping by some of us.

Our mains served shortly after.

Signature BBQ Pork Wan Tan Noodle (Dry/ RM 6)
Homemade noodle served with few pieces of small dumplings and cuts of choy sum, topped with char siew (BBQ stewed pork slice). The texture of the noodle is quite bouncy and not soggy. Bonus is, I don't get to experience the awful alkaline taste at all!

Char Siew is simply tantalizing, oh no!

Despite having few times of patronage previously, I still enjoy to be indulged as I personally find it quite unique over the mixture of the soy sauce that make up on the noodle. Rather than black-brown fragant sauce that commonly prepared in hawker stall back in my hometown, this is served with white-coloured which makes me recall back of the famous Sab X2 WAN TAN NOODLE in Bangkok, Thailand.

Also, if you prefer to have thick noodle, there you go for this.
BBQ Pork Wan Tan Thick Noodle (Soup/RM 6)
It taste almost similar than the earlier one with the only difference in the noodle and you have the option to have it in dry or soup one.

Opt for some fritter in your meal? There you could consider the following one.

Hakka Style Deep Fried Pork Noodle (RM 6)
Pork slices and dumplings (wan tan) both dressed in fried version on this, not to forget with cuts of steamed choy sum too.

I suppose that you are most of the times, led by your taste buds in placing an order. So, for conservative diner that still prefer the Hong Kong style wan tan mee, no worries, you could have it here as well.

Hong Kong Style BBQ Pork Wan Tan Noodle (Dry/RM 6)

Oh ya, never look down on the ladies' stomach because we still have two more signature side dishes to be served!

White Cut Chicken (Small/ RM 6)
We all love it very much as it is simply succulent together with the soy sauce.

And last one,
Signature BBQ Pork (Big/RM 12)
Another must have from us despite all of us already had some that served along with the mains.

BBQ honey sauce is the bomb which is to our own liking! Definitely a savoury one to complete your meal.

Let me end up this review by highlighting a couple of drinks prepared by them.

Longan + Wolfberries + Red Dates Tes (Hot/RM 2.50)
Being a longan lover, this is simply perfect for me as it is quite hard to get one at outside. However, it is slightly sweet. Perhaps you could request for less sweet upon your order.

Homemade Ginger Tea (Hot/ RM2.50)
Fans of ginger tea wouldn't be disappointed to have this, guaranteed! My friend who orders this says that its rich taste of ginger is apparently a good way to soothe cramp especially during menstruation.

Summary (Scaling Point: 0 - lowest; 5 - highest)
Price: 4/5 ( Reasonably priced with large portion for wan tan noodle )
Taste: 4/5 ( Thumbs up especially for wan tan noodle, dumplings and honey-stewed barbeque pork )
Dining Ambience: 3/5 ( Upgraded version of hawker centre, air-cond built in )
Vehicle Parking: 4/5 ( Ample parking lots around the shop lots )
Business Hour: 8.30am till 5pm. Opens daily. (Closed on alternate Mondays)
Address: 294, Jalan BSG 11, Bandar Stargate, Lebuhraya Sultanah Bahiyah, Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia
Contact: 04-771 0807 
Facebook Page: Noodle History 尹面之家

Drooling over the photos that I share? Wait no more, head for it this weekend!