All Gear Up in 2017

So I'd published a post about my thoughts/plan in 2017 earlier on. To make it even more productive, I think I should utilize some essential tool to work it out efficiently as it's also my turn to contribute to family (since I'll be based in my hometown at the moment). After encountering with my family members for the past few weeks, I've managed to list out FIVE things I should own as a solution to my family members, and myself.

Therefore, there I log on to Lazada to see if there's any CNY promotions and great deals at Lazada ( or click here to redirect ) in conjunction with upcoming Chinese New Year. Oh my goodness, it's such a big surprise to me as I managed to find out exactly what my wishlist is on Lazada!

#1 For Dad: A New Mobile Phone 
 My father is a rather old-fashioned people where he NEVER used a multi-functional mobile phone like his peers. Before his current phone, which is a second-hand from my sister, his phones are all keypad attached ones. I understand at his point of view where his main purpose of using a mobile phone is for call and text messages, nothing more than that. Now his phone is getting unstabilized (phone automatically switch off etc). He's been demanding a new phone and yet indecisive because he don't wish to spend more on it.

 I decided to get one for him. 

Samsung Galaxy J3 J320 8GB (GOLD) RM 599

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This mobile phone is just right to him where he can explore and experience on camera/selfie besides the necessities. 5 inch SUPER AMOLED screen, perfect! Bonus is, there is a free Yes 4G LTE Prepaid SIM where we can get to try the service, at least make a comparison to see which communication company is better, ain't it?

#2 For brother: A Breakfast Maker
I'm demanding this on behalf of my younger brother for the sake for my family members including myself! My brother has been requesting for this since long yet my mum refused to buy as she thinks that it's not that practical to her. Surprisingly, not only my brother, but my sister and (especially) I, myself also the big fans of eggs and toast as our breakfast! Hence, I guess if I managed to get this in our home, my mother wouldn't make any objection anymore. *Devil smile

TEFAL Toast n Egg (Breakfast Maker) TT5500 RM 239
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I'm really thrilled to see this great combination of toaster and egg cooker as one! What's more exciting is, this TEFAL breakfast maker provides a warming tray for heating pre-cooked meat! Oh my goodness, heating time for some instant meal can be settled even quicker now!

#3 For The Ladies in My House: A Hair Dryer
So do you believe that three ladies in my family use a super old-fashioned hair dryer for like more than 20 years? Still usable yet we are in the risk that the potential damage caused might be a harm to our safety. Personally, it's really the time I shall get one in good quality for my mother, sister and myself. Okay la, if the gentlemen need to use it occasionally, I wouldn't say no right.

Philips Thermo Protect Ionic Hairdryer (2100W) HP8234/03 RM 192
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Ionic protection is one of the trend in hair care especially in Japan and Taiwan! It is mainly intensify the shine and glossiness of our hair, every one want to look good on hair beside the outfit, to be honest. Add one more to my favourite, cold air shot for the final styling on the hair!

#4 For myself: A pendant
To be frank, I've never owned any jewelries and there's no such tradition of giving this kind of 'atas' stuff in my family. I'm very, yes ultimately very admire my peers who own jewelries as their birthday gift or whatsoever. Purchase jewelry online sounds so much cool and here's my choice.

Poh Kong Auspicious 916 Gold-Golden Rooster Pendant RM 908
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I like this cute rooster pendant!!! Rooster is my Chinese Zodiac where it is also Rooster Year in year 2017 according to lunar calendar. I started to be fancy over jewelries few months ago and get to eye on them whenever I walk pass jewelry store in the mall. I'll just keep this roaster pendant as the precious gift of myself, so valuable to be my Chinese Zodiac.

#5 For everyone in my family: A Lunch Box
This is high in demand in my family especially from me, haha! I'm enrolling into internship soon and every cents in my allowance counts so much to me, so I shall prepare my lunch box to working place more frequent. The one I'm currently using is made of plastic and it's gradually turning yellowish as I'd been using it since high school, 7 years to be exact.

ZEBRA Lunch Box 16cm (0.78 Liter) RM 79
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I guarantee that my parents, especially, would be very happy to have this in my home. Not sure others but we're using mostly stainless steel dinnerware in my house. Easy to wipe the oiliness is the key. And who doesn't know that Zebra Thailand simply means premium quality cookware? But I guess the most happy one would be me. Say NO to plastic, okay! Hahaha

That's all of the five items I want to have in year 2017. There I proceed to check out and this little things made my day somehow! I'm surprised once again, to see that all five items are sum to RM 2017, so much coincident to year 2017 huh! So is that a hint that I shall not hesitate but to grab them at a time? Perhaps =)

I don't lie any right! Grand total of RM2017 inclusive five items for my family to gear up in year 2017. I shall get these goods to usher my family towards a great and memorable year of 2017, Year of Rooster.

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Psst...make your purchase today in order to get them right on time before this Saturday which is the first day of Chinese New Year. Have a fruitful shopping experience there!