Humble Review: One De Land 又一城 @ e-Gate, Gelugor, Penang

Malaysians wouldn't be strange towards Char Chaan Teng concept restaurant as it is evident to be one of the favourite spots for a meal. Originally from Hong Kong, Char Chaan Teng outstands for its quick and efficient service for reasonable portion of food, and of course, wallet-friendly, too. The main targeted diners are initially pointed to the white-collars that have a limited time of lunch break, however, diners segmentation has since widen to all walks of life under the influence of globalization and not to mention, broadcast from Hong Kong like TVB Drama.

Right smack at one of the busiest commercial complexes namely e-Gate, One De Land serving non-stop for the diners all day. I've been knowing this restaurant since its establishment under the name of Boston and now, I go for a food tasting experience over its brand new name and concept as well as modified menu.

As usual, let me have you to get the quick look on the menu. Here's the selected menu I'd managed to get for readers.
PS: There are also choices of vegetarian diet served.

To my surprise, serving time is so much quicker than I thought.

Stir Fried Egg Sauce Ho Fan (Seafood) - RM 16
Commonly known as 炒河粉 or 滑蛋河 yet this is seafood version.

It is Kway Teow instead of Tua Pan (pre-fried flat rice cake) that usually served by the hawkers.

The pungency of ginger is found rather stronger in the gravy which is surprisingly unique to my usual tasting experience. This is a great attempt in taste improvement but perhaps it takes times for customers' acceptance level. 

However, this complimentary sauce is absolutely nice to have a paste on the Kway Teow!
The fragrance from the mixture including Belacan, shrimp, garlic manage to carry the kick of saltiness in your molar.

 Grilled Combo Hot Plate - RM 33
It is an abundant source of protein where you can have chicken, fish and pork at a time. Dressed with selected vegetables to achieve a balanced diet.

This is certainly for sharing purpose as the portion is bigger compared to that of other restaurant. Freshness of the meat is the key that had us a pleasant eating. Surprisingly good is, the oiliness on this sizzling pan is just right and nice. (No worries to 'sapu' the fries too!

Complimentary sauce (2 options: Black pepper or mushroom) puts an additional flavour or seasoning on the meat. Since I don't fancy much over sauces, hence original one tastes delicious too.

Not to be missed, some awesome beverages.

Pomegranate Mojito - RM 13.00
To be honest, the word 'pomegranate' recall me of Bangkok again because it is a signature drink over there! We were not regret to order it as it is simply refreshing, perfect match with sizzling pan meal! I'm glad to have that lemon grass over its scent as well.

Honey Dew Sago - RM 10
Another refreshing beverage together with the natural sweetness of honey dew.
A good remedy in this hot weather, ain't it?

Summary (Scaling Point: 0 - lowest; 5 - highest)
Price: 3.5/5 (Reasonably priced for almost all items)
Taste: 3/5 (Personal Pick: Hot Plate and Pomegranate Mojito)
Dining Ambience: 3/5 (Commonly found as others)
Vehicle Parking: 3/5 (Take note on lunch peak hour)
Business Hour: Mondays to Thursday & Sundays: 11am - 11pm
                          Fridays and Saturdays: 11am - 12.30am
Address: Block 1-01-10, Lebuh Tunku Kudin 2 , 11700 Gelugor, Penang
Contact: 04-6574296
Facebook Page: 又一城 One De Land

Do you know that there are few outlets nationwide? Find one in your neighbourhood!

OneDeLand 又一城 @ Equine Park, Seri Kembangan
F-1-G, Block F, Putra Walk, Jalan PP25, Bandar Putra Permai, Sek 2, Seri Kembangan 43300 Selangor.
Sun-Thu: 10am-12am
Fri-Sat: 10am-1am
Tel: 03-9543 7365 

又一城 @ Auto City - Prai, Penang
1808-1809C, Jalan Perusahaan Auto-City, North-South Highway Juru Interchange 13600 Prai, Penang.
Sun-Thu: 10.30am-12am 
Fri-Sat: 10.30am-1am
Tel: 04-504 0950

- Cheras Leisure Mall 
- Melaka

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Many thanks to One De Land for extending the invitation and also Miss Chloe for the arrangement.




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