Across the sunlight

Hi there, I went for another round of outdoor portrait in early of March. This time, we are a team of four including three friends who enroll as photographers. The photo shoot was carried in a fine evening at Batu Maung. I'm indeed thrilled to view all the outcomes because the photo shoot was quite smooth!

They guided me some in posture whereas we had made a pact earlier on particularly for face expressions. This series of photos are expected to possess the concept of communication within oneself. That's simply evident with the flower and sort of plant we picked as the only prop during the photo shoot. I had a little exposure as well as experience for such photo shoot before, no doubt, this is by far the most enjoyable photo shoot I've ever participated!

We manage to grab the advantage of surroundings including the sunlight and seaside rock (near to Penang's second bridge). Warm up session took about 40 minutes with relentless count of camera shutter in order to fall in to the full mode of the feeling.

I had myself basic preparation. For dressing, I pick flare dress which is one of my favourite piece in wardrobe. I had an pre-photo shoot discussion regarding to this.
Next, make up. I had further mastered more about make up application, therefore, I just slapped on foundation, eyeliner and eyebrow, that's all!

Impressed over the photos like I do? It wouldn't turn out so much great without the photographers. Thank you Jane, Toiletduck Yam and Peter for the great contribution in terms of passion, time and effort. Lastly, I'm looking forward for future collaboration!