Humble Review: Mizi Bistro @ Tesco Tanjung Pinang, Tanjung Tokong, Penang

Penangites wouldn't be unfamiliar toward Mizi Bistro over its super value meal in terms of the portion, I kid you not, this is my first time stepping into the premise to try it out. (Hard to find kaki that's why). Mizi Bistro provides both set lunch and dinner, however, this blog post covers only set dinner.

Chicken Parmigiana 

 As the name goes, bistro simply means a restaurant which owns a rather small operation. I'd give a high-five to you if you were to discuss about the cozy ambience! No filter done on the photos here, double thumbs up for Mizi Bistro bringing the sense of comfort and coziness simply under camera lens.
I could easily fall asleep in such environment, haha!
Left: Mango juice
Right: Honey Green Tea

A little basket of bread roll and few butter cubes

Fresh Pumpkin Soup (Complimentary in set meal)
Ala Carte - RM 10.05
One word, delicious. I don't brag but this warm soup truly excite me thoroughly!
The soup is moderately creamy that is not overly stimulating your taste buds.
Beside it is best consumed warm, the topping, oven roasted almond flakes is quite crunchy. It is apparently a great highlight as it ushers a wonderful taste in overall.

Our Signature 'Mushroom Soup' (Complimentary in set meal)
Ala Carte - RM 10.60
Another great one to go but it is rather common as compared to pumpkin soup,haha!
Suitable for conservative diner anyway.

Our mains served shortly as we have just bottomed ourselves with the starters.

Chicken Parmigiana 
Ala carte - RM 21.20
Set Meal - RM 29.70 (inclusive of starter  + drinks + free flow of ice cream)
Crumb-coated breast of chicken. Topped with tomato, mozzarella cheese and oregano.

It is absolutely out of my...imagination, perhaps, when it is served in front of me.
The large size of chicken breast is simply more than enough but hold on, I still have a portion of pasta to be finish. Moreover, the boiled selected vegetables (pickled cauliflower, crinkle-cut carrots and peas) are in a rather larger serving than than of common restaurants.
Oh ya, the cheese is fair to dress up in overall. You feel full over its large portion but not the cheesy flavour as it stands moderately, I bet!

Fish Fillet ' Monte Carlo'
Ala Carte: RM 22.25
Set Meal: RM 29.70 (inclusive of starter  + drinks + free flow of ice cream)Pan-fried topped with onions, tomato, mushroom and capers in a herbed butter cream sauce

Diners who looking for a creamy taste should consider this.
We pick this under the waiter's recommendation though, and of course, the outcome doesn't turn us down.
To be frank, the aroma of butter cream sauce hook us as it is serving out toward our table. 
Selected boiled vegetables includes crinkle-cut carrots, potato and pea.

I'm indeed simply contented on a mouthful of dory fillet with a dip of sauce, better yet, the freshness is the key!

You could view the menu on Mizi Bistro official website (click me). Price range of ala carte menu is between RM 8 and RM 45. My recommendation is go for set meal (RM 29.70 nett) if you don't wish to have the chef's specialties like steak. 

Summary: (Scaling Point: 0-Lowest ; 5- Highest)
Price: 3.5/5 (Slightly above average but valued over its serving portion, GST included)
Taste: 4/5 (Credit to Pumpkin Soup and Chicken Parmigiana)
Dining Ambience: 3.5/5
Vehicle Parking: 4.5/5 (Ample parking lots provided in Tesco Tanjung Pinang vehicle parking premise)

Krystal Point Corporate Park 2
Address: 1-1-27/28, Lebuh Bukit Kecil 6, 11900, Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Reservation: 04-6386508 / 016-4123273 / 012-4922921
Business Hour: 11am - 3pm and 6pm - 11pm (Opens daily)

Tesco Tanjung Pinang
Address: G3, Ground Floor, Tesco Tanjung Pinang, No 1, Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang, Tanjung Tokong 10470 Penang
Reservation: 04-8982921
Business Hour: 11am-11pm. Opens Daily

J.L. Gourmet Cafe, Prangin Mall
Address: 33-33-09, Prangin Mall, Jalan Dr. Lim Chwee Leong, 10100 Penang
Reservation: 04-2632921
Business Hour: 11am-9pm. Opens Daily.

Offical Website: Mizi Bistro (Log on to view the menu)