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Street food ðŸ‘Œ
Bangkok fashion 

All these three tourist-high-demanding-activities could be fixed easily ðŸ‘Œ even when I left Thailand, I could simply bring back the goods/items and enjoy it at my home. But do you ever noticed about one important activity that most loved by people whenever they're in Thailand? Traditional Thai Massage! That's for sure I could not afford to hire a professional Thai therapist back to my home and stand-by upon my request for muscle relief and relaxation.

I'm indeed a big fan of massage therapy. Besides not to be missed during my visit to Thailand, I also step into few parlours in Penang to pamper myself, once in a while. I came across to Thai Odyssey last year at Gurney Plaza and I was keen to experience for once, but it's either schedule or no kaki issue...

Not bragging but I thought I was in Thailand with the greeting of Sawadeeka by every Thai staff as I open the door. I feel like crossing over another zone of serenity as I step into the spa. Beside the air-conditioned and calming dim light, other set up like adapting zen style design, minimalism and comfort. I made an appointment for my mum and I on a hardly-found-perfect-schedule Sunday. The outlet we visited was at Straits Quay anyway.

As usual, tea-serving upon our registration at the receptionist. Our therapist led us to clean our feet before entering into therapy room. Each people would be exclusively assigned and served by one therapist.

Personally I like the foot scrubbing part as it remove the dead skin via exfoliation. Rinse-off water is acceptably warm without the need of asking us about the acceptance of the water temperature.

Introducing to you, my therapist, Tissa who come all the way from Bangkok. Young yet so much professionally hit beyond my expectations from medium to strong pressure applied throughout 2-hour of massage therapy. Plus, she has a a sweet smile! ðŸ˜‰

As found common as other spas including the comfortable, warm and quiet environment with soft-soothing music, we were required to change into the massage attire which it allows the therapist to make a fuller range of motion during stretching maneuvers that practised on body. Tea is served twice, before and after the therapy. Specific yoga-sort poses and stretches are my favourite section too. Call me weirdo because I enjoyed the most at ligament pulling and back joints cracking sound!

Our Feedback
I did feel some sore on my back after the massage therapy but that's definitely normal over the therapeutic inflammation. This simply means that the therapy encourages in healing process of my occasional backache, and of course, Tissa's professional intense pressure too. To be true, this is the best Thai traditional massage I've got, as compared to some parlours that I'd previously visited.

My mum? She is not a cincai people as she has her own standard and expectation on everything she involves. To my little surprise, she is pleasantly okay on the service provided. Half-jokingly asked if there's any return visit, she said yes. Win liao lo Thai Odyssey👍, you win my mum's heart liao. ðŸ˜‚

There are a range of products to purchase some home if you are keen to.

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Thai Odyssey
Business Hour: 10.30am - 10.30pm. Opens daily.
Address: Lot No. 3C-1-1 & 3C-1-2, Block C, First Floor, Straits Quay, Seri Tanjung Pinang, 10470 Tanjung Tokong, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Contact: +60 4-899 9488
Facebook Page: Thai Odyssey
Possible for return visit? YES