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Never thought that I would literally, inserting something in my eyes one day. All thanks to Bausch + Lomb for creating and extending such opportunity for me to have a wonderful-brand-new experience in my life, ever. This post simply kickstarts lifestyle cum beauty topic on my blogging journey as well.

I own a rather low power of short sighted-ness and my current glasses is just an aid for me especially night time or poor lighting place, therefore, I really never had the strong desire to buy myself cosmetic lens, mainly due to the external things to be inserted into my eyes. (Not kiasu, but kiasi).

With over a century of accomplishment made through the partnership between John Jacob Bausch and Henry Lomb back in the States, that somehow enhance my confidence to step out for a try with its Lacelle Jewel series. (if compared to those unbranded selling online ones)

I receive two different colour from this series, Peridot Green and Crystal Gray. To go further is to go together, therefore I pair up with Megan to try on this since we both have zero experience on wearing contact lens. And the effect? There it goes....

For Megan: Peridot Green

The pleasant glitter of the lens helps in enhancing her fair skin tone. Not to mention, the aura that unleash rejuvenation too.We would say this colour suit her well, Megan is more sassy with this colour.
SUITABLE FOR those who are adventurous and wish to fasionably outstand with their own unique and comfortable way.

For me: Crystal Gray
Just like how face contouring make up gurus are obsessed with, this colour manages to establish a more rigid dimension for my both eyes. Personally I like how it enchanting in a humble way, not too over yet kinda significant, perfect for me.
SUITABLE FOR all time needs on a makeover or those who wish to twinkling in a humble way.

Both of us got ourselves some time to be adaptive on our brand new look of our eyes. For a close up view, it is strangely larger, undoubtedly. To be honest, it takes us quite some time to be feel okay once we managed to put on the lens. Imagine how many times both of us looked ourselves in the mirror for persuading ourselves on this surprising presentation of our eyes 😂

But the lens turn out another way when we took selfie like this! At least, it look natural, lively with the pleasant glitter of the lens. The outcome is unexpectedly magnificent on us, with just minimal make up on eyebrow and lip ❤️❤️❤️ Doncha think so?

Our feedback
We put on the contact lens before our departure for lunch date. Indeed, we were comfortable without feeling any irritations or soaring on our eyes throughout the day. We suppose that our experience on putting on Lacelle Jewel contact lens simply justify the feature of ultra-thin soft lens. It fits well that I just don't bear in mind that there's an externally strange stuff on my eyes though!

There are up to seven colour available in Lacelle Jewel series. Beside the two I received, others include Malenite Black, Topaz Brown, Amber Brown, Amethyst Violet and Sapphire Blue.
Lacelle Jewel lens are monthly disposable with 38% of water content.
More feature
Diameter: 14.0mm
Power: Piano
-1.00D to -6.00D (0.25 D increments) and -6.50D to -9.00D (-0.50D increments)

Great thing is, Color Matcher guides you to make comparisons between with and without Lacelle Jewel lens on your eyes, not to forget, seven colours as mentioned earlier to select before you decide which colour to go. Simply log on to Lacelle Jewel website (click me) and play around the colour lens effect!

Oh ya, just in case if you are still indecisive on which colour to choose for a pair of mesmerizing eyes of yours, you can get unlimited free Color Quiz  on the wesbite. Just answer few simple question and Bausch  + Lomb will provide you the suitable colour based on your personality.

Once again, a little shout out to Lacelle Jewel contact lens over our pleasant experience to put on for the first time in forever. It is not just about beauty enhancement or to increase self confidence, but also the perfect comfort that allow you to dazzle throughout the day.

PS:There are ongoing promotions like giveaway and roadshows held by Bausch + Lomb, make sure you follow their Facebook Page ( click me!) to keep in touch the latest updates 😉😉😉

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Thanks to Miss Serah for extending the opportunity for me on 
behalf of Bausch + Lomb
Megan for the creating our memories of putting contact lenses together for the first time
Joo, for being a dedicated photographer of us❤️