Let's Beat Stress with Potatoes

People nowadays encounter stress easily from any circumstances, probably due to low capability in emotion management, in which believed to be partly contributed by today's urban era of globalization. Quick fix to distress would be workout/exercise, listening to music, get a listener or eating.

I'd recently found out that eating can really beat up stress within oneself, of course, eat appropriately with potato, containing highest amount of potassium (620 milligrams for about 148 grams of potato) as compared to broccoli, banana and tomato.

A brief about potassium, it is a chemical element in our body that leads to serotonin regulation. Serotonin helps in regulating anxiety, happiness and mood. There are people, particularly those with hypertension always seeks for oral medicine (supplement) to support, but potatoes are indeed the best natural source of potassium. Those from supplement is unnatural, after all.

Another significant concern would be carbohydrate, cared the most by the ladies. Truth is, a medium sized skin-on potato, weighs around 148 grams contains only 26 grams of carbohydrate. Carbohydrate is a key source of energy for muscle, workout maniac should have known that carbohydrate intake is also essential over the optimal physical and mental performance.

 One more thing, it's only about 110 calories for each 148g (5.2 oz) potato.

The sharing above is what I'd been exposed from a workshop "Healthy Delicious Dishes with US Potatoes" organised by Potatoes USA - Malaysia last weekend.

Grateful to have Miss An Jo, a practising dietitian for an interesting sharing session
about the benefits of eating potato.

During the workshop, Chef Audee Cheah was there to demonstrate live on simple cooking of delicious and healthy dishes with potatoes. Just off the topic, he is currently the President of Penang Chef Association with over than 28 years of culinary experiences in European, Chinese, Malay, Nyonya, Thai and Asian delicacies.

Nice posture, chef, 霸气十足!

Chef Audee used U.S. fresh potatoes and U.S frozen potatoes to cook four different dishes, even suitable for beginners over an attempt of hands-on experience, I suppose.

Friendly reminder from Chef Audee about the usage of either plastic or wooden spatula on a stainless steel pan. He's holiding a plastic one that withstand up to 300 degree celsius.

Russet potatoes were used for two main dishes, namely U.S Potato and Prawn Kerabu and Curry Chicken Stuffed U.S Potatoes.
U.S Potato and Prawn Kerabu
Malaysian unique fusion dishes infused with the local's favourite of Kerabu,
making it a healthy and delicious starter.

Curry Chicken Stuffed U.S Potatoes
Potato were cut half and as a cup to contain the curry chicken.
Just a few bites and you have got all the curry chicken inside your molar

For the frozen potatoes, Chef Audee gonna prove you to a big wrong if you thought about solely deep fried. Same as previous, there are two different dishes with frozen U.S potatoes. Suitable for all ages over a high tea or even cocktail session. I bet the kids would also love to eat more on each serving consists of balanced nutrient.

Kimchi Seaweed U.S. Lattice Cut Fries
Isn't it a great choice paired with some cider over a weekend getaway?

Chilli Flavoured U.S Potato Wedges in Lettuce Cups
Because cupcake is too mainstream, we go for healthier and yummier one!

Worries no more if you are blank to prepare healthy dishes with potatoes. Have a try in kitchen and you might be surprised over the great taste!

Well, after this sharing, I'm doubting about myself in cheering people, or simply manage to help beating one's stress, because I always regard myself as potato? LOL joke, man. Hope you enjoy and gain some knowledge from this sharing. Think potassium, think potatoes!

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Thanks to Mr Criz Lai for coordinating the workshop