Perfect Fusion Tea Break for Everyone @ Teel's Heritage

Tea time hour ladies, dress up for a #taitai style afternoon tea break.

Oh, those fascinating and sweet pastries are too much for you? 

What about fusion tea break that include western and also oriental pastries, here you go for a brand new and idyllic tea break moment spent in the afternoon!

Teel's Heritage by Ghee Hiang is an one-stop hub, be it brunch hour to fix your stomach, or hanging out with #jimui over tea hour or even quick purchase on Ghee Hiang's products.

(credit to Mei Pierce)

The daily fresh baked pastries offered in Teel's Heritage comprising of western and also traditional oriental pieces (since Ghee Hiang is pioneer in old school chinese pastries). It may sounds against to have tau sar pneah or phong phneah serving together with english tea, but sorry, the flavourful of these two gonna turn your mind straight away, especially when it's just out from the oven!

I had the opportunity to taste out earlier on and here's the highlights on Concubine Premium Platter you wouldn't want to miss out.
(credit to Harris)
Medieval Lacquer Box
An oriental-inspired sculpture storage box serves all the free flow sweet bites.

Rustic Cranberry Scone as a sign of British infusion.
Best to consume when it's warm, fluffiness inside is seriously to my own great liking.
PS: Alcoholic beverages are excluded from the tea set

(credit to Harris)
Chocolate Cocoa Brownie is the boom!
Rich taste of chocolate make you fall for it immediately, don't forget to have some tea to soothe your throat too.

You gonna conquer all over this platter
Tau Sar Phneah
Beh Teh Saw
Phong Pneah

PS: Mother's Golden Hot-Bake Phong Pneah is another boom to blast into your molar! Imagine that fragrant sesame golden custard egg filling inside, especially it's fresh from oven.

Parts of the instragammable interior of Teel's Heritage.

Save the location for your driving convenience

Teel's Heritage by Ghee Hiang
Concubine Premium Platter - RM 78.80 (RM 86.70 after including 10% service charge)

Business Hour: 11am-10pm. Closed on Mondays
Address: 144-G & H, Burmah Road, Penang, Malaysia
Contact: +604 228 8177 
Facebook Page: Teels Heritage
Ghee Hiang Offcial Website (click ME)

Just off the topic...
The bloggers were so honoured to have a casual photoshoot with Harris. He is so much excellent that capturing some photos, click here contact him if you'd like to have great photoshooting experience from him.

Featuring the other bloggers, Carmen, Gaylen and Christina. 

Not to forget, some portraits of mine.

Thanks to Gaylen for extending the invitation
on behalf of Teels Heritage management.