Lunar Appreciation with Ghee Hiang Mooncakes

Hey peeps, you know moon cake festival is approaching when you see lanterns and moon cakes are available in major shopping malls and by the streets! It's indeed a great opportunity to build stronger relationship with friends/clients/relatives besides reunion with family, I believe people nowadays would take this chance to purchase moon cake as a sign of sincerity as well 😏.

Widely known as a trusted brand in Malaysia and even overseas, Ghee Hiang has been owning the age-old proven traditional method in pastry, significantly, Tau Sar Pneh, and sesame oil. To add a variety in pastry production, Ghee Hiang has recently launched the in-house moon cake, in conjunction with Moon Cake Festival 2017, which is believed to fall on 4 October this year.

Here to reveal Assorted Moon Cake Set 1 (4 different flavours of moon cake) before you decide to make purchase.
PS: For the illustration purpose, each moon cake is taken off from the pre-individual pack containing oxygen absorber packets.

1. Lotus Double Yolks Moon Cake  双黄莲蓉月饼
The highlight goes to the attractively orangish  on the duck yolk! Simply perfect on every bite from the combo of sweetness (from moon cake) and the saltiness of the yolk, just right and perfect 😋! Double yolk also ensure consumer get on the optimal real taste as well.

Irresistible not to demand a cut from it!

2. Pandan Lotus Single Yolk Moon Cake 单黄翡翠月饼 
If you think that double yolk is a little bit richer to you (some prefer more sweetness instead of heavy infuse of saltiness😫), just pick on those with only single yolk. Here I have this paired with pandan lotus, the authentic local flavour. It is milder overall in both aspect of sweetness and saltiness as well.

Tangan cacat, pardon over the so much realistic photo, LMAO

However, if you prefer pure taste of moon cake without much fancy add-on ingredients, I'd recommend these two.

3. Red Bean Moon Cake 玫瑰豆沙月饼
One of the classical flavour that wouldn't goes wrong at all time. Mostly liked by people as we were exposed to red bean paste since small (like red bean paste bun). So, it's also another triggering factor toward sense of nostalgia, too, don't you agree 😵?

4. Green Tea Moon Cake 净绿茶月饼
No doubt, this is somehow one of the favourite flavours especially from matcha lovers (like me 🙌). No jokes, fragrance from the flavour trigger my nostril upon the cutting. I was so excited over it, even before it was picked for my own indulgence.

Give them a try for a sweet taste of Penang. Besides walk-in purchase (Ghee Hiang Boutique Outlets), doorstep service also available via online purchase (click ME)

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Ghee Hiang Assorted Moon Cake Set 1 (click ME)
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