No Cheese No Talk 😵 Omaya Korean Spiced Chicken @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

Cheese lovers wouldn't be unaware of this cheese-dominant Korean cuisine restaurant. With high anticipation from the cheese mania (some even travel down to the central of Malaysia to eat it), Omaya has launched the first outlet in Penang. You can now allocate the transport fee for Omaya instead 😤

Your saliva gland gonna be activated even more over the tantalizing food photos! 

Lee Kwang-Soo Cheese Dakgalbi
We had one of the four choices, 10oz Pork Chop Cheese Dakgalbi (RM 82)

Free flow of Ban Chan creatively served in a tool box. 
That's apparently one of the elements set up in conjunction of the interior design.

As there's an attendant ready to cook for diners, be sure to sit back and watch live (or record short videos) which the Dakgalbi is ready to serve after around 20-30 minutes.
Personally, this big hot plate is slightly spicy, not to my personal preference.

From my tasting experience, there's no allowance of time delayed over non-stop taking photos on the fascinating food presentation, else, it's hard to get the long and stretching cheese from the hot plate.

Honey Mustard Boneless Chicken Cube served with fries (RM 30) could be one of the top popular food in the house, I suppose.
Without much ingredients needed, only chicken and cheese that ready to satisfy your cravings over the cheeesssee.

Deep Fried Squid Cheese Tokpokki Stew (RM 58)
The crispy squid itself is quity delicious, not too salty though.

Anyone has siblings/cousins/ children that is around 120cm? Here's a height-compatible food in the house, featuring 1200mm Korean BBQ Skewer (RM 138)
Instant grill BBQ chicken (plus seafood!) are cooked on the spot by the waiters

meat to be cooked first,

followed by seafood.

Not to forget, grilled egg, taste good as it is warm!

To enjoy it solely or with rice, it's all up to you.

Complementary of refillable lettuce.

Pair up your meaty meal together with some alcoholic drinks, some studies suggest that it helps in reducing blood cholesterol. Featuring one of popular cocktails during summer time in Korea, Subak Soju (Watermelon Soju), RM 36.90.

This must have caught your attention over the colourful and tall serving of Rainbow Siush (RM 11.90)
Don't be shocked to see people carrying it strolling in the mall, it's a complementary container for every order. 

The beverage choices simply manage to trigger excitement to the diners.
Another highlight goes to Cotton Candy Fizzy Drink (RM 9.90 for each flavour), this is orange passion fruit yogurt flavour by the way.

 As expected to be sweet at the end of sipping, a slight taste of  sourish (from the yogurt I think) could be an addictive one!

If you wouldn't wanna overloaded with all the devil cheese, you may opt for this Busan Giant Seafood Platter (RM 148), perfect for a group of foodies!
Spot the steam? Holy... Isn't it a perfect sign of  a warming meal especially during rainy days?

Omaya Queensbay Mall (Daily, 10.30am till 10.30pm)

Official Website: Omaya Malaysia (click ME)
Facebook Page: Omaya Queensbay Mall (click ME)
Instagram: Omaya Malaysia (click ME)

Inquiry or reservations (strongly advisable), kindly ring
+604 618 0009