☀️ The REAL skin-care SPF water even for acne-prone skin, like me.

As I've been stepping out to discover about beauty stuff lately, I'd still prefer to include some elements of health care but not blindly go for "beautifying" myself on the appearance. And so, I stopped applying sunscreen earlier this year (skin disaster again!) and almost bare my face without sunscreen since then.

You ask me why? I've yet to get a really suitable sunscreen for me because my concerns are
  •  sensitive-skin-friendly-ingredients (no alcohol)
  •  no white cast after apply
     and most importantly,
  •  affordable price (around RM 50-60) 
Recently, I've came across to know this piece of sunscreen where my attention had been drawn over its ingredients with 7 NO
❌ Paraben
❌ Benzyl Alcohol
❌ Mineral Oil
❌ Benzophenone
❌ Talc
❌ Sulfate
❌ Artificial pigment

Without further thoughts, I made up my mind that die die also need to try this out!

Product: Ultra Hydro Sun Essence SPF 50+ / PA+++ (30 ml)
Brand: Vella Cosmetics
Country of Origin: Korea

Tried and personally proven!
I put a thin layer of the sunscreen as the final step on my skin-care routine, not bragging, but I'm very satisfied with the outcome.
Here's a simple video from me covering about Vella Cosmetics Ultra Hydro Sun Essence.

As you could see from the video, no white cast is spotted after the application!
It turns out to be a clear and dewy face, even confident with my bare look now 😄

It is in watery-essence form which sounds weigh-less compared to cream type.
But it's not easily runny on the skin though, all thanks to the marine extract that made it a little bit like serum type, I suppose.

Some lovey-dovey features you ought to know
#1 Travel size with 'mirror' tag along
It's great to have a bottle of sunscreen within a palm, that simply means, it has less occupying in my bag. But I'm more excited to discover that the square cap could literally be my best companion, mirror, I mean! I don't have to open camera app in my phone since then. So convenient!

#2 It's about skin-care SPF water
I call it skin-care SPF water instead of sunscreen, I'm proud confident to voice out such two-cents of mine! Due to the non-stickiness texture, rest assured over multiple application throughout the day to protect your skin. Yea, you know, like facial mist, fast and convenient.

#3 Nothing more natural than this little bottle
This 30ml of skin-care SPF water contains 61% of Hawaii Kona deep ocean water, natural extract FTW!

Also, with over 30 kinds of ocean extract and 45 plant extracts, plus the 7 No Addictive as mentioned earlier, I could imagine how happy my skin is, all because of the protective ingredient

#4 Wallet-friendly 
Instead of paying big for a well-established brand of sunscreen, I guess this one from Vella Cosmestics is simply affordable for student and freshman (like me!). Provided that the ingredients is favourable to me, I could get it at RM 58 via Althea Korea. Do you ever think of buying this as a gift to your sister or bff who have acne-prone and/or sensitive skin concern like me? Not a bad option I know right.

A little drawback on its smell
This is not a fragrance-free sunscreen, personally, it's still acceptable, and I'm quite like the sort of calming floral scent. Those who are in allergy might have to consider before getting one on hand.

Possible for repurchase? Yes, most probably
Limited time offer: RM 58 instead of RM 115 (49% off)  
Exclusively at Althea Korea Malaysia