Discover Taoyuan International Airport before boarding to Taichung via coach

This post covers about:
-Hi-Life 24 hour store at Taoyuan International Airport
-Buying 悠游卡 Easy Card at the store
-悠游卡 Easy Card credit top-up kiosk
-Free self-service photobooth at the departure hall
-Bus from Taoyuan to Taichung (统联客运 Ubus)

After buying bus ticket, we were still earlier, about 2 hours to go before heading to Taichung at 12.05am. So we took this chance to discover the airport. First thing first is the convenience store, that's a must-visit wherever you are in Taiwan.

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Hi-Life 24 hour convenience store at Taoyuan International Airport, Terminal 1, B1 floor.

Food section is the highlight not to be missed.
Assorted sausages and steamed buns.
Got the cheese stuffed sausages (New Taiwan Dollar 30 each) and it was perfect for my stomach on that cool night.

Chinese herbal steamed egg

关东煮 Kanto Cooking (Steamed skewer) in clear soup or spicy soup base.
This Japanese inspired food receives a lot of great response from Taiwanese and now it has become part of the local culture.

Not to forget, the packed beverages like most Malaysians' favourite are 纯粹。喝 flavoured cool drinks.

I think almost everyone wouldn't agree more than getting a easy card when you're in Taiwan. It's like 'touch & go' card used widely in the nation. Click here to learn more if you wish to.
Easy card - Adult (New Taiwan Dollar 100)

I bought 悠游卡 Easy Card over the counter. There're no longer deposit-based card available where we are required to buy the card at New Taiwan Dollar 100 and then top up credit (click ME to learn more), it has a life-time validity so you could use it for good. You could lend it for your friends who are travelling to Taiwan too, but each user require one card, sharing between a card at a time is prohibited. #MableTips If you've no idea amount of credit to top up, you could seek advice over the counter. Let them know roughly know about your travel duration and they can suggest you how much to top up.

Here's ours where you see my young heart mood been activated,少女心泛滥 哈哈. The sales assistant was so good to me to stand aside and picked the nice layout ones.

Easy card could be used in literally every transaction including MRT, public transport and supermarket.

Another great discover was the large screen open photobooth located at the departure hall, nearby Cathay Pacific luggage counters.

 Photobooth at Taoyuan International Airport, Departure Hall.

It's free and self-service, there are up to 41 templates as photo background. Just follow the guide on the board and lastly, key in your email and you will then receive a softcopy few days after! My sister enjoyed the most though LOL

We know there's a food court at the lower ground floor of departure hall but the business hour is till 10pm, so all food stall already closed. But we managed to have our lunch there on our last day in Taiwan.

Water dispenser machine is available at the airport, mostly nearby the gate into washroom, so it's pretty convenient and worry-free to get supple of water intake.

There's also top-up kiosk for easy card at B1 as well. It's strategically located at the boarding gate nearby Ubus bus platforms.
Easy Card top-up kiosk at B1 floor, Taoyuan International Airport, Terminal 1.

While waiting for our bus arrive, that's my mum 😊

There's an attendant from Ubus validates our bus ticket and luggage.
For their convenience to put them on bus later, all luggage will first placed together, further than the queue.
PS: Personally, I think it was amazing to have such a strong windy night at the outside, temperature was around 19 degree celsius!

统联客运 Ubus 

Interior look of Ubus.

To our little surprise, it's free seating policy. We were on the last pick-up point and straight we grabbed our sleeping time on bus once we got seated. And off we headed to Taichung!

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