Instant Makeover in A:CONCEPT 💄

New year new look? Oh what a cliche man

Personally, new look can be initiated and created from now on, at anytime! To be frank, recently I've been quite adventurous to discover a variant look for a more presentable one. Beside clothing, I do the same on make up too. Blame my laziness as I aim to maximize beauty effortlessly...ok lah, 'effortlessly' sounds perfect, it should be minimum effort hehe

My beauty discover this round is on Korean inspired make up, essentially done within a kit from A:CONCEPT Korea. Tell you what, I really had a satisfying makeover with quick and easy application!

Product: Make Your Concept - Black Set
4 Items included: 

  • All in One Brightening A:Cushion + One(1) Refill Pack (#21 Light Beige or #23 Natural Beige)
  • Everything in A:Coral Lip & Cheek
  • A:Red Orange Lipstick

Brand: A:CONCEPT Korea
Country of Origin: Korea
Sale: RM 106 (50% off at RM 212) via Althea Korea (Free shipping direct from Korea)

Before going into my thoughts after using, spend a minute to view my quick intro on all these lovely items alright?

I really really really really really really like you! 💋
(inserting Carly Rae Jepsen's song lol) I get turned easily into a new look of myself with these essential items. To emphasize again (because it's truly on point), it's about minimum effort especially on the cheek blush and vivid lipstick. And hey make up beginners, it's never just a dream to achieve an easy and instant Korean inspired make up because I've worked it out! I believe you can, too.

Medium-high brightening coverage on face 👍
I have #23 natural beige on it and no regret for the outcome, naturally brightening effect is my preference after all. All in One Brightening A:Cushion comes with SPF 35, PA++ for your UV protection too. Stamp the puff provided on the cushion and do it lightly onto your face evenly and don't forget your neck also. Bonus is, it's long lasting! I applied only one time for a weekend day out and not anymore for the troublesome(at least to me) touch up/reapply throughout the day. Psst..The refill pack is just great to be included in the kit, at least you have time to buffer in getting on hand the next one haha. Spot the illustration about this 2-in-1 cushion case in my video above? It can be attached with the lipstick (or other brands that can fit it) and you can save your time get that little piece from your big, full load yet bottomless handbag, haha!

Soft tint for the girl next door 😍
Sweet 16! This soft and casual coral colour from A:Coral Lip&Cheek leaves a light but soft coverage and kissable lip perhaps? #MableTips Spread widely from the center region of your lip and quick tap evenly with your finger. Also, this stick can be used as cheek blusher, it creates a harmonious tone on my face overall with the soft orangish shade. Just few points on the cheeks, dab it evenly and you're good to go! Simply tutorial also shown on my video above.

Courageous touch for a bolder lip 😚
There're sometimes ladies wanna emphasize on lip make up instead of the eyes, so I guess a catchy and vibrant colour is perfect enough. I have a touch of A:Red Orange lipstick and tell you what, even I myself just can't get my eyes off it too! I bet a red lip like this can anytime catch people's attention, anywhere in or out of camera lens. And I get to know that bright colour lipstick like this is so much trending in Taiwan (since my family vacation last month).

My favourite item:
You might raise your eyebrow but I'm honest to say ALL, the cushion, lip and cheek tint and the lipstick. At least, at the moment I'm unable to pick any of them are rather poor. Once again, simple steps for instantly amazing makeover are just my things!

Suitable for
  • Working ladies - Fast application, high productivity
  • Make up beginners - Easy and minimum steps to achieve Korean inspired make up look
  • Gentlemen - A great gift option for your beloved mum and girlfriend (They would thank you for this lovely kit that doesn't cause a bomb to your wallet😉)

So much thanks to The Butterfly Project for the opportunity given!