Real Homey Korean Dinner @ Park's Kitchen 박식당, Penang

I realised that it's quite some time I didn't get Korean cuisine and we decided to go for one after some chat with my girls. It was also for a meet up dinner which the last time like this is....hmm, last year when? Pardon my poor memory girls, I can't really recall back.
Homey Korean cuisine, not much fancy though.

We randomly discovered about Park's Kitchen on facebook, which has a rather low publicity, even on Instagram as well. Checking on the menu offered on facebook page, we think it's quite a decent one over a homey Korean dinner, hence, we made it a try.  Overall is fair and I stand for a possibility for return visit, too. Scroll down to read our little surprise discovery one-by-one!

台湾 DAY 3 | 台中自由行 Taichung Free & Easy

This post covers about:
- Breakfast @ Moon Lake Hotel
- Taichung Park
- 宝雅生活馆 Poya Living Mart
- 日曜天地精品折扣中心 Sunshine Plaza Outlet
- Lunch @ 继光街 Ji Guang Street Chinese Restaurant
- 台中转运站 Taichung Bus Station (Buying bus ticket to Taipei)
一中商街(夜市)Yi Zhong Night Market
- 光南大批发连锁店 Guang Nan Wholesale Mart

We woke up for breakfast! Haha sounds tamjiak but we never knew the breakfast provided is locally tasty and suit my family too. Not much variety but the choices is right enough to kick start the day. From the hearty warm white congee with preserved food like radish (up for you to select), toast bread with jam and butter spread provided, mantou (chinese steamed bun) and also some stir fried vegetables and noodle. For drinks, they serve coffee, warm soy milk (I didn't miss it both days)and prepacked cold wintermelon juice.

Buffet Breakfast @ Moon Lake Hotel, Taichung.

Our first destination is Taichung Park, only 6 minutes walking distance from our hotel and it's simply relaxing to have a short walk after breakfast in a windy morning at about 20 degree celsius. Taichung Park is claimed to be the oldest one in Taichung as it was built during Japanese ruling time. No entrance fee so it's more like a municipal park for everyone.

Taichung Park @ Taichung City

Again, I'm awed for the outcome, the blue skies especially!

This roller shoes playing point makes me recall of 我的少女时代
That scene of roller skates in the park with those hanging lights (ahh only if i'm not mistaken)

We got to know that all shops in Yi Zhong shopping area had yet to open as early as 8 or 9, thus we discovered a multi-level shoplot, it' a rather big scale mart that my family (especially the ladies) like the most. Searched online later on, Poya Living Mart is the local one-stop lifestyle store in Taiwan. It's located in Yi Zhong shopping district.
Poya Living Mart at Taichung.
Cosmetics and make up stuff occupies the most among all the goods sold here!
Others include house ware items and food.

As we had spent some time in both Taichung Park and Poya, thus we headed for our lunch. Before lunch stop, we actually dropped this outlet mall (for a toilet break LOL).
It's a shopping mall covering branded goods and few restaurant inside as well.

Lunch @ Ji Guang Street, Taichung

Braised Pork Rice 肉燥饭(瘦肉)
NTD 30

Braised Pork Rice 卤肉饭(较肥)
NTD 30

猪肉咖喱饭 (Japanese Curry Rice)
NTD 100

手工馄饨汤 (Homemade Dumpling Soup)
NTD 35

猪肝面汤 (Noodle Soup with Pork Liver)
NTD 50

We had a short break at hotel (bought some snacks from Family Mart) and headed to 台中转运站 (Taichung Bus Station) to purchase ticket to Taipei the next day.  Detail about Taichung bus station including bus ticket to Taipei will be disclosed in the next post.

We asked people around for public bus that transit at Yi Zhong night market, then we hopped on one. #MableTips Bus stop is located opposite VIP Hotel Taichung, near the bus station. The municipal do offer to public user where no fee is charges for journey within 8km, thus, our ride to Yi Zhong night marker is totally free of charge. Be sure to scan in and out with your Easy Card. Click here to read where to buy Easy Card.

Yi Zhong night market

Shop lots at Yi Zhong night market

Local snack skewer

We had our dinner from few stalls, one of them was this noodle stall.

Unable to recall the name of this heart bowl but it tastes not bad!

Not to my own liking as I'm 重口味 

Steamed bun with soup base 汤包 

Despite the dough slightly thick, it's tasty overall!

Free seating available but you must expect for table sharing with others.

Another must-have in Taiwan is fried chicken.
They serve in cutlet, with crispy skin outside.

The thickness is a plus point over the portion, yet it's juicy too!
The stall claims that they don't reuse the cooking oil, and it results in such light coloured of crispy skin, perhaps.

光南大批发连锁店 Guang Nan Wholesale Mart

We didn't know this stop till I googled it after we backed to hotel later on. 真的有眼不識泰山, this is also another big mart in the town. And ladies, promotion on sheet mask is such a great deal not to be missed. It's like 5 pcs for 88 taiwan dollar, cheap!

Great deal on sheet mask

One of the best decisions I've made was got myself data to surf. That's how we backed to our hotel through navigation, it was like 15 minutes walking distance. And we didn't feel strange to walk by the street at night as it was occupied by hawkers stalls, shop lots, temple and restaurant. Click here to read how I purchase one at Taiwan Taoyuan airport.


  1. Penang - Hong Kong Airport - Taiwan Taiyuan Airport
  2. Little discover at Taoyuan Airport (Free Photo Session)
  3. Day 2: 8-hour Cab Tour in Taichung



Zumba Class进了两堂,过后的星期一就因为工作就暂时无法持续。


拜六礼拜就是办妥家务事,所以基本上我都没有真正Nua着呆在家 哈哈

这期间有学习到新东西呢。先是参与制作新年糕饼包括了ribbon cookies 還有紫菜卷。對於一個超級手殘的人來說,這兩個還蠻容易做的,尤其是紫菜卷!基本上就是塗抹然後加一層的popiah skin 和大片的紫菜,蠻好玩的!

這次沒有resting bitch face 了吧 😂




You Should Make CNY Reunion at Eastin Hotel Penang. Here's why.

The term 'reunion' has never be apart from food ever since people live to eat. Coming to a brand new Lunar calender of 2018, Eastin Hotel Penang has come out buffet lunch and dinner to gather all your relative and friends with an array of scrumptious food.

Activity: Reunion Buffet - Chinese New Year 2018
Venue: Swiss Basserie, Eastin Hotel Penang, Lobby Floor
Date: 15 - 17 February 2018
Pricing: RM 138 (15 Feb) / RM98 (16,17 Feb Lunch Hour) / RM 118 (16,17 Feb Dinner Hour)
*Senior citizen 25% discount & children aged 6-11 stands for 50% off

Here's a quick fact of 5 reasons you should make your reunion gathering at Eastin Hotel Penang.

# 1 Buffet Spread (meaning food feast!)
Poon Choy aka treasure pot
*only available on 15 Feb 2018