You Should Make CNY Reunion at Eastin Hotel Penang. Here's why.

The term 'reunion' has never be apart from food ever since people live to eat. Coming to a brand new Lunar calender of 2018, Eastin Hotel Penang has come out buffet lunch and dinner to gather all your relative and friends with an array of scrumptious food.

Activity: Reunion Buffet - Chinese New Year 2018
Venue: Swiss Basserie, Eastin Hotel Penang, Lobby Floor
Date: 15 - 17 February 2018
Pricing: RM 138 (15 Feb) / RM98 (16,17 Feb Lunch Hour) / RM 118 (16,17 Feb Dinner Hour)
*Senior citizen 25% discount & children aged 6-11 stands for 50% off

Here's a quick fact of 5 reasons you should make your reunion gathering at Eastin Hotel Penang.

# 1 Buffet Spread (meaning food feast!)
Poon Choy aka treasure pot
*only available on 15 Feb 2018

Because not now, when? Surround yourself with friends and family plus free flow of good food definitely skyrocket the excitement for Chinese New Year. A big highlight goes to Poon Choy (盆菜)which is almost everyone's favourite! Fret not if you're think you'll never get enough of it because the chef cares you (serious!), it's all about bottomless treasure pot..ahhh, sounds so much tantalizing man.

Are you ready to toss for a prosperity year?

Not to forget, Yee Sang with condiments and dressing is also included for every dine-in guest. Round for a table that specially serve Yee Sang and enjoy tossing with some cheers in the spacious dining hall. Furthermore, take-away Yee Sang also available at Eastin Hotel this year, featuring jelly fish, salmon and abalone. Pick your favourite one!

Yee Sang Promotion 2018 at Eastin Hotel

# 2 The Hot and Cold 
Before start Lou Sang and feasting, warm your stomach with a bowl of double boiled chicken soup with snow fungus. Ingredients are all essentially prepared for a hearty serving. Another not to be missed is the warm Leng Chee Kang, simply perfect as sweet savory while you're catching up with your friends and family.

Double Boiled Chicken Soup with Snow Fungus

Leng Chee Kang, my favourite dessert!

# 3 Poultry and Seafood, The Best of Both World
Roasted Chicken cutlet

For two different categories, you must have your own favourite pick I guess. However, don't miss out on the roasted chicken cutlet and dip some house made rosemary sauce, superb! Put aside your concern on cholesterol (for this round only LOL) and enjoy abundance of fresh seafood as well!

Fresh seafood up to eight different types! Spot your favourite one?

Lotus Leaf Fried Rice with Chicken Meat
Putting chicken meat into rice is convenient for the kids, especially!

# 4 Strategic Location (just in case you need last minute grocery shopping)
Eastin Hotel is within the neighbourhood of Queensbay Mall, Penang's longest shopping destination. Both premises require mobility of few minutes walking only. You could simply drop for some last-minute shopping after the treats at Eastin Hotel's CNY buffet.

Salad Bar serving baby octopus, Japanese seaweed, jelly fish as well as broccoli and duck

# 5 Exclusive performances
Watch live performances include mask changing show, warrior drums as well as kids' favourite clown appearance while you're happily dining. It's time to put away the work routine and enjoy an array of hot food, dessert and more in merry surroundings. Not to mention, it's also a great time to expose the kids about the traditional bakes they rarely know. They are all available in this buffet spread as well.

Variety of traditional Chinese cookies to be shared with the young ones.

If you're keen, ring Miss Nadia at +604 612 1127
Log on to Eastin Hotel Website for more.

Happy Chinese New Year to all of you.  恭喜发财!

Thanks to Miss Nadia for extending the invitation on behalf.