Vlog 08 - Still Alive Alright 🤫

I have been keeping an eye for this little space of mine especially this period of time where it's rather less focus from me to pour over lately.

So my plan for now is like this, record highlight of my daily life and compile into a video, short and simple one.  I think it's pretty good for me as flashback after some times and at the same time, make it a quick updates on my blog too.

Just in case you wander how would I've been lately ;)

I'm doing my best to upload once every week but it mainly depends on wifi speed (to be honest! hahaha) Video edit isn't a very big task to accomplish though.
Best time would be weekly (as I wish) or fortnightly or worse, monthly :(
I'm welcoming for more connections at IG
@mablemaeve , see ya!