台湾 DAY 4 | 台中转运站Taichung Bus Station - 台北转运站Taipei Bus Station - 西门町Ximending

This post covers about:
- 台中转运站Taichung Bus Station
- 国光客运 KuoKuang / King Bus
- 台北转运站Taipei Bus Station
- 台北捷运 Taipei Metro
- Hotel Check in @ 西门町Ximending
- Dinner at Kopitiam (西门町Ximending)
- Ah Zong (Ay Chung) Rice Noodle 阿宗面线 @ 西门町Ximending
- L'herboflore 蕾舒翠 Aqua Plus Skin Care

We got our last day buffet breakfast at Moon Lake Hotel before proceed for check out. It was nearly 12 noon when we were on our way to Taichung Bus Station. We spotted this Dorayaki-kind pancake at the junction, just a stone throw away from the bus station.
Matcha Red Bean pancake (NTD 10 each)

Also available in cheese and egg as well as pearl flavour.
Asked if business is ready (we saw the lady was taking out the utensils all that), she said yes, so we made our order hoping it could last us before our next meal which is in Taipei (Estimated around 3 to 4 hours for us to settle down in Taipei though).

Another landmark as it is just opposite Taizhung Train Station.

With the aid of Google Maps, we reached the bus terminal within 5 minutes walking distance. It is adjacent to the train station, a new one which we believed just operated not long ago?
King bus ticketing and info counter at 中转运站Taichung Bus Station

King Bus Self Service Ticketing Kiosk @ Taizhung Bus Station

We made our purchase at the ticketing counter instead of the kiosk. This is because we don't wish to carry more cash with us since ticketing kiosk accept only debit card and Easy Card. Check out my previous entry here about Easy Card (悠游卡).
Bus platforms at Taizhung Bus Station

So all of us had sufficient rest all the way to Taipei, 2 hours sleeping out of 2.5 hours of journey at least, and it feel so goooood LOL!

台北转运站Taipei Bus Station

It is multi level bus platform catered by different bus company.

Taipei Bus Station is another interesting place to discover as it is a central hub for mostly all kind of land transportation, thus, retail shops for shopping convenience is set up, too. The first thing we did is to purchase bus ticket to Taoyuan airport (to be utilised on the last day).

Knowing that KuoKuang (King Bus) do provide the route so we headed to the counter. I was told express route like this (Direct to airport) is not sold at the ticketing counter at Taipei Bus Station, but another hub, which is just opposite. Confirmed with the ticketing assistant about the bus schedule (available ~ every 30 mins), so we decided to purchase our ticket on the day we back.

So, we direct made our way to Ximending for hotel check-in. We followed the direction board headed to Bannan Line 板南线 (blue line). You may log on to Taipei Metro Official Website for more info including the route map, schedule and ticketing. Available in Mandarin, Japanese and Korean languages as well.

NOTE: I would strongly advise you all to bring as less(light) as you could for your utmost convenience especially transit mrt, staircases are expected to overcome one another!

Sorry it may sounds exaggerating but THANKS AGAIN, GOOGLE MAP! I utilised it mostly to locate our hotel after we started to be exhausted walking pass Ximending business district with lots of retail shops and restaurant.

We had our three night stays at Royal Hours Deluxe Inn at Kunming Street, just a minute or two to Ximending business district. The hotel facilities is overall good, but it might be quite tricky as we were locating for check-in. Google Maps stated there we've arrived our destination but we made few rounds at the building, just because the main entrance doesn't like one, damn.
Evening at Ximending

Our dinner was settled at one of the kopitiam-style shop lot in Ximending business district.
Local kopitiam shop lots at Ximending

Menu with photo displayed speak faster than just wording. This is way convenient to select food, especially my mum, who is not proficient in Mandarin.

Menu featuring local delicacies

Menu featuring local delicacies

Here go our order!
Fried Rice 蛋炒饭 (NTW 60)

Chicken Meat Rice 鸡肉饭 (Small, NTD 35)

Oyster Omelette 蚵仔煎 (NTD 60)

Vegetable soup 青菜汤 (NTD 30)

Thickened Soup with Noodle 肉羹 (NTD 50)

Meat Ball Noodle  贡丸面(NTD 50)
Pearl Milk Tea (NTD 30)
Soup Noodle 切仔面(NTD 35)
As usual, tourists' destination is one of the best channel for donation fund. Despite ensuring about our belongings when we were in the crowd, I also get myself out quickly when there's stranger approached us, started with greetings and simple game. 

During our walk in the evening, there was a young man approached my mum and asking who she from. She replied, Malaysia and so, the man direct greeted "Apa Khabar" and then started putting his tactic in. Without further thoughts, my sister and I keep pulling her out from conversation, then we keep lectured her some about this stuff which mostly asking for donation in the end. Sorry but it's just so true that we just wanted to protect ourselves as best as we could during travelling in foreign places. The young man didn't seem to like seeking for urgent help for something serious though.
The young man in white that I mentioned above.

They come in a group of few because others also approached us at different corner in the evening.
Ah Zong (Ay Chung) Rice Noodle 阿宗面线 @ Ximending

 Ah Zong (Ay Chung) Rice Noodle 阿宗面线
NTD 40 (without pork intestines)

#MableTips Get instant NTD10 off if you mention excluding pork intestine in your order.
We didn't know the rebate till we paid, since we're not big fans of pork intestines.

We spent our remaining time of Day 4 for dinner and discovering new place within the district. Dabao supper from 7-11 too, because Guan Dong Zhu (Steam Skewers) is another significance that not to be missed in Taiwan.
Guan Dong Zhu 关东煮 @ 7-11
Skewers tasted average but the clear soup is great! 

Oh ya, unexpectedly, I bough two pieces of skin care products two when we were making our way to dinner. Stopped by the beauty assistant and end up, mum and I got our respective skin care.

The ongoing in-store sales was BUY ONE FREE ONE, thus, I got NTD 150 for two, toner and scrub. I never knew this brand, L'herboflore, origin in Taiwan, but also available online in Malaysia (only discovered about it after my trip). I did even facebook pm the team and know that the kiosk at 1U shopping mall has closed in Feb 2018 and currently, they only accept order online.

It claimed to be gentle skin care line and I even tested on my own face before purchase. My concern is still, NO ALCOHOL. Result instantly proven to be moisturizing and soothing (even my mum also surprise to see it) and so, there gone my investment, haha!

L'herboflore Aqua Plus Moisturizing Scrub Gel

L'herboflore Aqua Plus Moisturizing Toner

Here's a quick review
Surprisingly, I love this skin care line a lot! First point contributed by the main ingredients, all natural extract, mainly from cactus, no harmful ingredients to my weak skin as well. The toner, hmmm I enjoyed the most. Pumped out to be gel-watery yet instantly absorbed into my skin (I use hand to apply).

Also suggested by the beauty assistant that I can only do gentle exfoliation once per week. My habit is do it before putting sheet mask. 

Still using the toner till now (the same first bottle) and I've been informed that currently it is out of stock, expecting to wait till April/May. But I can't wait la haha unless I fly to Taiwan to buy lo. Available in RM 195 and for sure, I can get it cheaper if I buy at Taiwan (even after rate conversion)

Entry for Day 5 is about Tamsui 淡水老街, my parents love a lot, especially!