5 MUST-DOs at Ramadan Buffet 2018 (In order to stretch Ringgit)

Replacing "what" with "how" to make up "You are HOW you eat" which kicks start for the following....
Apart of (boring, I think) dining routine include rounds and rounds of food, do you really aware some new, fun and practical ways to indulge into an evening of buffet presentation wholeheartedly prepared by the chef and culinary arts team?

Assorted Kerabu including flavours like Ikan Bilis, Ikan Kembung, Ayam and Sotong

Here's my humble sharing on how to truly enjoy feasting for Ramadan buffet themed "Sajian Laut, Selera Kampung Nelayan" at Lexis Suites Penang,  maximizing the value of Ringgit which you deserve it. To date, Ramadan buffet is not skeptically about Malay dishes but also fusion and wonderful nostalgia that held throughout the evening at the dining hall. (Roselle Coffee House, Level 1)

MUST DO #1 Throw a mini old-school party (Woohoo!)

Dress in comfortably and ready for a blast before dinner! Unleash the long hidden extraversion trait of yours with food that are full of childhood memories, better yet, work it out with a bunch of awesome dining partners could simply kickstart a great dinner in the evening.
Part of great childhood memory: Popsicles 

Jeruk (Assorted Pickles)

Snacks were always must-buy after school! My all-time favourite is TAM TAM, crab flavoured, what about you?

One of the Malaysians' favourite: Kuih Bahulu (Fluffy cafe with slightly crispy layer)

To be frank, I'm surprised to see two of my favourite Kuih Kodok and Pisang Goreng at the buffet! My grandma used to make it for us as tea snack. Just so you know, I'm easily contented for nostalgia thru food like this.
Kuih Kodok (Mashed Banana Fritters)

Pisang Goreng (Banana Fritters)

It's a great approach to have all these food to ice break among the table mates, in case you come under corporate dinner or friends/family during weekdays, I believe this can split the work tension and fun time after work!

MUST DO #2 Brim in a delight spread of premium Muslim hot dishes (& live action cooking!)

Buffet couldn't be one without premium dishes, agree? Kambing Golek is the usual highlight in Ramadan buffet. Beside, seafood lover will probably get hooked at Gulai Udang Galah.
Gulai Udang Galah (Lobster Curry)
Best paired with Roti Benggali

Kambing Golek with spiced rice

Arabic Cuisine: Kebab

Miss out Satay on a Ramadan buffet? No way.
Mutton Char Koay Teow is something new to go for!

MUST DO #3 Hunt for hearty bowls ala kampung
Personally, I would get bored for having too much premium good food frequently. Maintaining the balance of my taste buds is part of my life mission, too, thus, I'm always do my best to have some home-cooked dishes whenever it's possible. This section include those that are able to be prepared at the household, yet, are you able to cook it on your own? No? Then the following feature could be your must-have!
Asam Laksa 
I enjoy having some familiar taste that is almost lost over a century like Asam Laksa Kedah aka Laksa Utara (my favourite Malay Asam Laksa!)

DIY Curry Noodle Station

No one would reject curry among Malaysians, because most of us enjoy the simple combination of spice and rice. Featuring some of my favourites...

Ikan Tenggiri Gulai Kampung

Ketam Masak Lemak
Ekor Masak Merah
Homey feel strike immediately with various curry (I like kuah campur the most!) paired with warm white rice, simply and comfortably delicious.

MUST DO #4 Immerse in the middle of fusion cuisine.
Believed that oriental culture had been infused into Malay life routine even before our nation independence, thus, it's not hard to spot Chinese influenced cuisine at Malay's kitchen nowadays.  The fusion served here remarks the harmonious taste among people regardless of dining culture and habit. Credit to the Executive Chef, Johnno Fong and the team, most of them are my favourite food too!
Stir Fried KaiLan

Sweet and Sour Fish

Gong Po Sotong

Nestum Prawn

Full of essential ingredients: Emperor Seafood Soup
Thanks God that there's another soup served beside Gearbox soup (because not to my liking). Emperor Seafood Soup is something I'm really dying for! If you used to be shark fin soup fans, then you definitely feel me (I swear!!!) The texture of the broth especially, is so much similar. Add a little bit of vinegar then it would taste very close, I suppose!

MUST DO #5 Won't go home without you, dear desserts!
Dessert is meant for completing your stomach after few rounds of scrumptious hunt. There're local and international serving of various kind of dessert, you would be able to get some of your favourite for sure.
Chocolate Mousse Log

Almond Orange Cake

Malaysians' favourite fruit and vegetable salad: Rojak

Youngsters would love chocolate fountain. Assorted local sweets like Biskut Badam Coklat and Biskut Almond also ready for your craving!
Fresh cut local fruits

Pick your favourite topping for a customized Ais Kacang, best remedy for hot weather nowadays.

Buffet serve a month long from 17 May 2018 - 14 June 2018, from 6.30pm till 10pm.
Kill two birds with one stones, Lexis Suites Penang would donate RM 2 from each Ramadan buffet voucher on behalf of diners. It is reasonably priced at RM 98 for adult, RM 70 for senior citizens and RM 50 for kids for an array of great food with 5 must-dos as shared above.

Good news for bargain folks in the month of May!
Highly recommending early bird vouchers at only RM 70 each adult (Dine in between 17 May- 23 May 2018) whereas RM 78.40 (Dine in between 24 May - 30 May 2018)
Scan QR Code for 10% discount off!
Reservation made thru QR code (provided in the poster above) is at 10% off.
*Dine between 31 May - 14 June 2018

If you're keen, you can always contact Lexis Suite Penang at +6 04 628 2888 or email to reservation@lexissuitespenang.com

Many thanks to Criz Lai and also LSP for extending the invitation