Vlog 10 - Weekend Getaway Like Finally! ๐Ÿš—

Happy kid @ Sky Avenue ๐Ÿคฃ

Only working people realise that there's no public holidays fall in between March and April, I don't like that though as if I can't have a short time for a breath of freedom. As the saying goes, when there's a will, there's a way, hmmm.. I firmly believe into it all the time, thus, here goes a wonderful weekend getaway for me like..finallyyyyyyyyy

Sharing my weekend getaway with a simple vlog would be much interesting 'cause I truly wanna share with you how fun it was! Here's a humble production from me and hope you could feel about what it was about two weeks back.

You must have spotted something big from the vlog and YES...
It's permanently here, world's first 20th Century Fox Studio Flagship Store at Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands!

Global Flagship Store: 20th Fox World Studio Store
It's one of my greatest honours to join for the opening ceremony of Fox World Studio Store. And now everyone's dream comes true to have cool merchandise from our most-loved movie from 20th Century Fox Studio. over 700 themed collectibles from Rio, Night at the Museum, Planets of the Apes, Alien vs Predators and more!

20th Century Fox World Studio Store @ Sky Avenue

The opening ceremony also included appearance of selected movie characters from Ice Age and Rio, including Sid (my favourite!), Crash and Eddie, Blu, Nico and Pedro.

Opening Ceremony for 20th Century Fox World Studio Store
Blu, Nico and Pedro from Rio

Yo Sid!

It's not just about merchandise store, I would say, but one-of-a-kind museum with free admission for everyone! There're various kind of merchandise that presented on the movie and now you could see them live.

Alien vs Predators Replicas
Xenomorph Action Figure

From the survival game -  Alien : Isolation

LV-426 Cage-free Eggs

It's not a surprise that I may not be as excited as those hardcore fans since I'm not a crazy movie kaki. However, I find that Fox World Studio Store is a great stop to have souvenirs and gift for people I love!

Note books for the girls

Blu and Luiz on the mugs.
Luiz looks so cheeky here!

The Golden Tablet of Ahkmenrah as a cover for notebook

Ice Age Coolest Merchandise 
Imagine hot water inside the mug scares off Sid ๐Ÿ˜‚

No doubt that kids are simply contented and easily to make their days with their favourite stuff, examples, characters printed t-shirt, paper file, or even backpack. So if it's affordable, why not?

Various size of Ice Age characters printed t-shirts and selected stationeries.
Suitable for school kids: Backpack and Hand Carry

Ice Age Characters Hand Fans

Just in case you miss the cool breeze at Genting Highlands, then buy one printed hand fans for the kids as a souvenir ๐Ÿ˜…

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Thanks Jay and the team for extending the invitation on behalf Resort World Genting