"New Malaysia Sunday Buffet Lunch", dine at RM 24 nett

People love good surprises! (Or perhaps the ladies, mostly?)
Sometimes, things could just go possible which ended up with amazing outcome, for me, the latest one would be our nation's general election! I was actually suffering from toothache yet had to keep myself stay awake for the latest official results 🇲🇾

No more toothache after dental visit and it's none other than returning for food.
Not sure if you've noticed but there's a Sunday buffet lunch deal at only RM 24 nett for every adult in Penang recently. This rocking deal released by Flamingo Hotel by the Beach lasts for 100 days which means last day is on 23 September 2018. It has since become the rave topic among foodies, thus I decided to join the crowd to discover what's really going on with such low price on hotel buffet lunch.

Theme: New Malaysia Sunday Buffet Lunch
Available on: Every Sundays (till 23 September 2018), 12.30pm - 2.30pm
Location: Flamingo Cafe @ Flamingo Hotel by the Beach Penang
Dining Price: Adult - RM 48 nett ( BUY 1 FREE 1 @ RM24/adult)
                      Kids (4-11y/o) - RM 25 nett
Reservation: +604 8927 167

Let's see if some of the food that could be tantalizing to you, the South-East Asian's flavourful tongue 👅 

Mee Goreng FTW!!
It's worth for the queue for a serving of Mee Goreng. Neither too dry nor "basah", I like the overall taste that includes also squid cutlet. The chef is super friendly and humorous as well.

Ayam Golek @ Flamingo Cafe
If there was the most famous live action station to be named at the buffet, I guess the diners would nominate for Ayam Golek. It had the longest queue shortly after the dining time started and finished the earliest then.
Clay pot Sang Mee / Hor Fun @ Flamingo Cafe
And this would most probably be the second after Ayam Golek

Hokkien Mee stall is 'selling' fast also, but the team is quick to replenish new round.

Thai popsicle is the children's favourite.

Curry Chicken Salad with Pineapple

New Malaysia Sunday Buffet Lunch @ Flamingo Cafe

Banana, sweet potato fritters, both my favourite!
Serving also yam fritters, all hot-piping from the wok.

Too good not to share this photo over the steam, spot it?

Personally, these are some of the feature which I think they're must-haves at "New Malaysia Sunday Buffet Lunch". Anyhow, it's good for you to discover it on your own. As informed by the management, prior reservation is compulsory as full-house buffet had extended till end of July. Ring them at +604 8927 167 in order to feast with your family and friends at such affordable pricing.