Summer Afternoon Tea Party @ DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang

Life is about adding spices into the norm! Afternoon tea (also known as Hi-tea) is ladies' most-loved moment to indulge within, however, it could be extraordinarily joyous with little art workshop happening throughout. It's deco time on our favourite make up items, BB cushion! A smart Tai Tai in these modern days doesn't just indulge into the pastry but enjoy working on simple artwork too.

BB cushion deco and #TeaWithHilton at Axis Lounge
(Photo credit to Eros Si)

All thanks to the fruitful idea from The Butterfly Project(TBP) and DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang, BB Beauty Art Deco and #TeaWithHilton was held last Sunday in this summer. I attended this casual meet up with the butterflies(aka TBP community members). Participants are all Penang Lang (Penangites) while the host, Tammy (Mamasan) and the team as well as Jessica (National Marketing Content Manager of Hilton) came all the way from KL just for this meet up, much appreciated!
"Lenglui Lenglui everywhere"

Candid shot of Tammy and me

(Photo credit to Eros Si)
Event: BB Beauty Art Deco #TeaWithHilton
Host: The Butterfly Project & DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang

Venue: Axis Lounge @ DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang
Date: 19 August 2018, 3pm - 6pm
Sponsor: Althea Korea (Petal Velvet Powder & Goodies Bag) / The Butterfly Project (Deco kit)
(Photos from the community photographer, Eros Si will be indicated)

Meet-and-greet as the ice breaker of the event where the butterflies get to connect each other in person (this is the second event held in Penang by TBP, mostly are in Kuala Lumpur). Deco session kicked start after some casual opening speech by Tammy and Jessica.

Deco kit includes

Adorable deco pieces
Butterflies get to pick ten each.

Simulation Whipped Cream
Pocket for the ten deco pieced we selected

And sample of the bb cushion deco for reference!
Petal Velvet Powder(PVP) from Althea also included and distributed to us.

5 tables of butterflies (group of four) were guided by Tammy and Sydney for the art deco. It wasn't very hard to work it out (Neither baking nor piping experience before). It requires some strength to squeeze out the cream and attach it carefully on the surface of PVP. Take out the ten adorable deco pieces and put it on top then. I spent around 45 minutes on deco for two.

Art piece of a tangan-cacat 
I worked out on PVP and my own bb cushion.
Artwork pass?
PS: Please help yourself to differentiate the real and imitation pastry okay. 👻

You must be waiting long for it, here you go the exquisite hi-tea we've had.
Afternoon tea set: from savory up to sweet bites

RM 68 nett for 2 pax (SST included)

Free flow of Dilmah tea (diner can have 3 varieties of tea)

How it tastes? Does my taste buds approve?

* indicates my favourite picks 

Grilled Smoked Tea Chicken Breast in Green Tea Sandwich Bread*
Seared Fried Shrimp on Green Tea Bread*
Tea flavoured Chicken Quiche*
Jasmine Scone*
You see it correct, this savory bites all conquer my taste bud, it's quite filling although the portion doesn't seem promosing. Being a grean-tea mania, it's quite a bliss to have the soft touch on green tea flavour in the bread. Besides, crust pie and the spinach is something that I like on Chicken Quiche. Not to forget, scone as the staple in afternoon tea, simply delighted served with jam and clotted cream
Green Tea Macaroon*
Earl Grey and White Chocolate Mousse
The is my first time managed to finish eating macaroon by myself. I fell for the moderate sweetness right after my first attempt. You shall try it too if you're like me get sick for over-sweet stuff.
Royal Milk Tea Espuma in shooter glass*
Ginger Lemon Grass Tea Infusion Cream Brule
Both are best served when they're chilled. Slightly sweet I would say but still I give it a try, I like the espuma.

While for quenching my thirst, I had earl grey tea. Bottomless of hot water (tea pot) is served to make sure our tea is ready for sipping anytime.

A variety of Dilmah Tea

I like the smile of this waitress, so much sweet and welcoming!
 The afternoon tea party had come to an end after we had the satisfaction in achieving both art work and tried out the high tea, and of course, the chatters and laughters from everyone.
Group Photo of Butterflies from Penang
(Photo credit to Eros Si)

It's definitely a wrap for Penang butterflies!
Thanks again The Butterfly Project.
(Photo credit to Eros Si)

Summary: Hi-tea Set @ DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang

Available everyday, 3pm-6pm at Axis Lounge (beside hotel lobby)
Reservation is highly recommended, you may call +6 04 892 8000 for booking
Wear light and comfortably as it's in al-fresco in viewing Batu Ferringhi beach

Many thanks to TBP for the opportunity given to join
Hope to see you soon