Akiyoshi (Izakaya Restaurant) @ Automall Penang

Automall as lepak destination is no longer a new thing to Penangites,  be it once a fame over hottest destination for Pokemon Go and to date, the development doesn't stop from flourishing with more tenants landing in. I guess this is partly why Penang Lang always love this place.

Akiyoshi Automall is something unusual than the rest I've been as it's nestled under Izakaya concept. A casual after-work dining place with the accompany of live band (available everyday from 9pm), better yet, they serve a variety of tummy-filling + satisfying Japanese food (apart from choices of skewer), best accompanied with some alcoholic beverages too.
Ebi Kakiage
(Mixed Sliced Vegetable Tempura) - RM 23

Restaurant: Akiyoshi @ Automall, Level 1
Serving: Japanese Cuisine (Alcholic beverages included) *Non Halal
Menu: Click ME!
Business Hour: 11.30am till 2.30 midnight, opens daily (Kitchen last call at 12.30am)

Live Band: Available daily from 9pm till 1.30am
Smoking area: Allowed in the restaurant from 9pm onward

Here's what my friends and I had in the evening.

Kaniko Salada
(Crab Roe Salad) - RM 16
I had three for this, no lie! The salad is refreshing on every bite, best to have it either as starter or even after-meal.

Akiyoshi Maki
(Akiyoshi Special Roll) - RM 28
Anyone loves avocado like I do? I have a tendency to order handcrafted sushi when there's sliced avocado on it.  Three pieces and I'm already full, it's kinda solid.

Sashimi Moriawase Take
(Assortment of Raw Fish) - RM 168

Unadon (Unagi Donburi)
Grilled eel bowl - RM 48

California Maki
(California Roll) - RM 18
Don't get confused, it's referring to the one behind (On my phone is the reflection from the ceiling light) I very enjoyed having this as the capelin roe (Masago) is served generously too.

Kaki Furai
(Deep Fried Oyster) - RM 28
Get to taste the oyster in the middle of the fritter, oiliness is somehow expected but you may soothe your molar with the salad that served along too.

Shake Kama Syioyaki
(Salt Grilled Salmon Head) - RM 26
Let's go back to the basic, salt grilled is something I personally quite indulge as it really helps to get rid of the fish odour while maintaining it's original taste at the same time.

Tori Tsukune
(Chicken Meatball Skewer) - RM 16
This skewer seems fair over it's presentation and ingredients but I was proved myself wrong at the minute I had a bite with Karashi (Japanese mustard) paste. It helps to spice up mildly, better than wasabi (not my favourite one) and also the usual Yakitori sweet sauce. You guys shall try this out!

Tori Nankotsu
(Chicken Cartilage) - RM 16
I call this delicious snack! Personally, I enjoy the crunchiness of the cartilage although it's already deep friend, perfectly match with some alcoholic beverages while indulging at the live band, cheers!

Asparagus Bacon Roll - RM 16
Bacon meets vege for the sake of harmony, sounds legit? This is also another one I would recommend to order, the fat of bacon is essentially paired with the asparagus's crunchiness. I don't feel guilty to have it all somehow! Don't forget to put some Karashi for a mild taste of spiciness.

Smoked White Lady
The mixologist (Jestony Tsen) from Macau has his own handcraft cocktail, like this, instead of usual white lady, he made it upon special request.

Dining space at the view of Penang bridge.

Akiyoshi @ Automall Level 1

Thanks Gaylen and the team for hosting us on behalf of
Akiyoshi Automall for a satisfyingly full dinner in the evening.