Friday's Flavours of 7 Continents @ Royale Chulan Penang

It's been a while for a buffet dinner. I really have the love-hate relationship on it because the desire to eat is always against with my diet limit. I tend to fall for the former, usually, all because of YOLO concept in my soul😝 A competitive caterer must be innovative in order to win people's attention first and foremost, thus, under the concept of global taste, I have "7 Continents Buffet Dinner" by Royale Chulan Penang.

7 Continents Buffet Dinner every Friday @ Sri Tanjung Cafe, Royale Chulan Penang

Activities: Seven Continents Buffet Dinner
Venue: Sri Tanjung Cafe, Royale Chulan Penang (Ground Floor)
Available: Every Friday, 6.30pm till 10pm
Price: RM 75 nett (Adult), RM 50 (6-12 y/o & 60 years and above)
Promo - Buy 3 Free 1 (Adult only)
Limited time - 20% off on total bill (adult and child price included) via promo code "RCPMABLE7C"

Highlights from the buffet spread includes:

Braised Crab Meat Soup with Assorted Bread Roll and Butter

I have three bowls of this, including one last to end my meal that evening. Despite a super fancy mania on crab meat soup (the texture especially), this is so much compatible that I have had in some wedding course menu.

Cuttlefish Kangkung
A local dish that many Malaysians enjoy a lot. I should also say, it's one of the Chinese style appetiser too.
Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables in Oyster Sauce
Give me all, especially my favourite broccoli! The oyster sauce enlighten the overall taste of the dish.
Stuffed Chicken Kiev(Europe)
I find it slightly dry personally. Perhaps I'm the kaki who always go for "more sauce" (汁多多) so it could be great to my liking if it could paired on some roasted mushroom gravy.

Braised Chicken with Mushroom Sauce and Couscous

Roasted Beef Strip Loin

Seafood selections

Crispy Fried Nestum Prawn

Asians' all-time favourite, the prawn is satisfyingly large!

Cold cuts

Selections of cold cuts

I spot my favourite potato salad!

One-stop supply for your fibre intake of the day

Smoked Salmon Carpaccio
Make it as appetiser or as main, it's up to your choice. Free flow supply is the point to let you enjoy the dinner relaxingly.

Seafood Jambalaya

A Spanish and French influence kind of Poon Choy!

Baked Oyster Sabayon
I always limit myself on seafood intake (to avoid any possible sensitised skin situation) but I am a little out of control over it. Sabayon sauce triggers the overall serving of the oyster! From the fragrance of egg that goes along with mild sweet taste. This is a MUST eat for everyone!

Cooked to order: Char Koay Teow

Char Koay Teow
It's hardly to simply approve Char Koay Teow by my taste buds yet this from chef's order-to-cook is exceptionally tasty! Taste similarly like what we can get at the hawker stall. I have two, the only drawback is that it's slightly salty. Perhaps you guys should remark it upon ordering if you're not tolerant with the saltiness. 

FLYDAY also means a sweet adventure in the weekend!

Coconut Truffle

Longan Jelly
An sight-catching dessert apparently! Since I fancy about longan so I enjoy myself with few scoops too.

Raisin Bread and Butter Pudding with Vanilla Sauce

Ice Kacang aka Ais Batu Campus (ABC)

7 Continents Buffet Dinner is only available every Friday (6.30pm-10pm) at Royale Chulan Penang (Sri Tanjung Cafe).
There will be four different menu rotate throughout each week of the buffet.

Adult admission at RM 75 nett; 6 to 12 y/o and also senior citiezen (60 years and above) is RM 50 nett per pax.
Ongoing deal
  1. Adult price at BUY 3 FREE 1 (equivalent to RM 56.25 per pax)
    *Children and senior citizen price is not included for the promo
  2. 20% on total bill (child/senior citizen price included)
    Show the poster below with the quote "RCPMABLE7C" to get 20% on total bill 
    *Valid till 2 November 2018 only

Show the poster with "RCPMABLE7C" to be entitled 20% off on total bill
7 Continents Buffet Dinner every Friday at Royale Chulan Penang

For reservation and inquiries, kindly contact:
+ 604 259 8888 (ext 8910)
Offical Website CLICK ME
Facebook Page CLICK ME

Thanks to Royale Chulan marcom team for extending the invitation!