Korean KOL and EXID join test wear on Real Fresh Skin Detoxer too!

Still remember the video coverage I did over the test-wear experience on Althea very first beauty mask, Real Fresh Skin Detoxer? That clumsy actions from me when open the bottle and the liquid mask flows out, I still remember that funny and embarrassing scene. Click here to view it if you like to watch back or if you have yet to discover how sampat I am.
Althea X Get It Beauty: Real Fresh Skin Detoxer (Jeju Green Tea) 

As much as I am delighted to discover that the mask is suitable to my skin, I found out lately that Kpop renowned beauty influencers and Kpop stars also got themselves immersed into this wonderful skin detoxer.

Minsco, Korea beauty creator with 24.2k followers on Instagram. She is great for makeover, from a ordinary girl next door transform to a sassy lady you cannot stop looking at. Currently her youtube channel has over 126k subscribers. She does a lot of swatches too, indeed a dedicated beauty guru you should know!
Jeonghwa Park, member of Kpop girls' group, EXID. Not only active in entertainment career, she also post regularly about her daily life to her fans (IG follower up to 1.2M). Oh ya, she has recently keep her hair to short, looks cute though!

They worked together for a test wear video on Real Fresh Skin Detoxer. Let's see how Minsco (beauty influecer/KOL) reacts on Green Tea flavour skin detoxer and also EXID's member, Jeonghwa's comment on rose flavour.

From the video, Jeonghwa also share her tips to apply the mask on the dry part of body for optimum hydration! The way Minsco does quick massage and point pressure on face during the waiting time of ten seconds is indeed a good idea to stimulate our blood circulation.
Why I never thought of these tricks before this????

Althea X Get It Beauty: Real Fresh Skin Detoxer (France May Rose)

But anyway, Christmas is coming next month and I strongly recommend you to have Real Fresh Skin Detoxer as the X'mas gift option to your beloved!
You ask why?

  1. Gift set below RM 100 A bundle set of two flavours (Green Tea and Rose) at only RM 77, 150ml each
    *Direct purchase thru here
  2. Free Santa's Delivery
    Remember the checkout code: PBSHIP to get the two pieces of Skin Detoxer ship at zero cost (by Santa Althea I guess) to surprise your beloved/ doorstep delivery.
  3. Suitable for ALL skin type
    Test wear on my dry, sensitive skin, it approved!
    *Watch the video here
  4. The fastest mask(ever!) that settled within 10 second
    The video above also highlight that it's way faster than brewing a cuppa coffee. So, quick and efficient beauty mask isn't a dream anymore!

Watch my test wear and review on Real Fresh Skin Detoxer both rose and green tea flavour here:

So, who's in your mind to be surprised during this boxing day? 


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