Althea Watercolour Cream Tint - Bold & Stunning

Aiya... just put a lipstick and you're good to go.
Well ladies, I'm not sure if your mum have said something similar as above to you before.. but for me living in a family with "less is more" concept, that's what my mum always tell me and sort of nag if she has seen me in full makeover. But... I'm always so nua that somehow I quite agree with my mum that just one lippy to settle one's image in a hurry, you know, enhancing lip colour for an overall charming look.

And for this feature post of lip tint does something extraordinary, it can be use for lip and cheeks tint

Product: Watercolour Cream Tint
Shades: #01 Plum, #02 Strawberry, #03 Peach, #04 Marron
Beauty Category: Colour tint on lip (up to apply on cheeks and eye lid)
Benefit: Hyaluronic acid
Brand: Althea Korea
Retail Price: RM 20 each (click here for 20% off storewide)

Swatches - Which to choose?

Althea Watercolour Cream Tint (4.5ml)
 My suggestion for each shade including
#01 Plum - General C-level lip shade, suitable for corporate make up or special makeover purpose
#02 Strawberry - Fiery red shade for bold look, suitable for evening date/event

#03 Peach - Enhance sweet and girly look, suitable for a weekend date

#04 Marron - Slightly dense red, suitable for everyday's make up

Althea Watercolour Cream Tint #02 Strawberry

How to use?
For offline test wear cum makeover, I picked shade #03 Peach to apply on both cheeks and lips.
Dot on the desired area and then dab with finger evenly to spread the colour. Alternatively, you can also use beauty sponge to blend it evenly too.

On cheeks and lips: Althea Watercolour Cream Tint #03 Peach

I like the overall bold effect it brings out in each shade, so here goes my 5/5 for this lip tint! Simply get gorgeous and stunning with a quick highlight of your favourite shade. Don't get confused by the word 'creamy' as I think it's not at all, instead, I can feel a thin cooling layer on my lip upon application, then it blends perfectly with our lip temperature as I spread it with my finger.

Not only for lip colour but I utilise it on cheeks as well. I guess it's free to apply on eye lid (if you wish to), make sure you blend it out evenly would be good to go.
Perhaps you shall pick one or two of your favourite shade,  then harmonise overall make over with your unique tone from them. For a safe or what we commonly say the all-time favourite shade, I would recommend #02 Strawberry!

Althea Watercolour Cream Tint #03 Peach on cheeks and lip


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