Qipao in the town

Despite my weekends in January is scheduled earlier (getaway for twice), I managed to get a slot for an outdoor portrait photoshoot. This time I worked with a colleague of mine, Nick. He is a freelance photographer for portrait photography (mostly), and just recently he challenges himself in videography.

We two had been talking about this since beginning of January (in conjunction with Chinese New Year that coming the next month). I only own the black qipao (bought at RM 10, brand new piece). We also thought it'd be great to have a vintage style qipao at the heritage area so the pink-coloured checker qipao belongs to my friend's mum (yes, over 50-year-old auntie damn chio ok)

Theme: Qipao in the town (CNY 2019 edition)
Venue: (1) Beach Street, Penang银行街 
            (2) Clan Jetty Penang 姓氏桥
            (3) Kuan Yin Temple观音亭
Shooting Time: 4pm - 9pm  

Here's some highlight of the activities spent in the last Sunday of January.

4pm - Beach Street

6pm - Clan Jetty

7.45pm - Kuan Yin Temple

Unfortunately the lanterns wasn't switched on so imagine the compound is totally dark. So we use standing spotlight to brighten the overall picture, the outcome turned out surprisingly better than we thought!

I don't purposely styled my hair, indeed, I had an appointment with my hair stylist for so-called CNY hair do (red colour for this round) thus he styled up a little for my shooting later on. Kinda 天时地利人和 LOL

PS: I'd still have a copy on my blog even though some of them are featured by Nick on Facebook. Just my two-cents, I have an account at Facebook yet the info (photos, videos, status updates) are still belongs to Facebook team, somehow. Better yet, it's part of my life journey. Upcoming collection would be taken at Cubopark, Penang latest's hot spot. It's totally a different theme, stay tuned!

You may also contact Nick for photoshoot inquiries if you're keen.

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