Shine Your Way In Your Eyes ft Althea Korea

Still, it's a make up topic again. Sorry guys for keeping you all updated within the same topic consecutively because they deserve for a standalone post over its performance!
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So, today's focus goes to eye make up featuring Althea Korea, the Althea Exclusive product line. This round it falls on the eye shadow palette "BCL X Althea Sunrise & Moonrise". BCL stands for Bunga Citra Lestari who is an Indonesian pop singer and also actress. With eight perfect shades for day and evening, you're set to shine under sunrise and moonrise!

Product: Sunrise Moonrise Eye Shadow Palette BCL X Althea
Beauty Category: Eye shadow applicator 
Benefit: Pigmented application, easy blendability 
Brand: Althea Korea
Retail Price: RM 140 (Limited code "BCL30" for 30% off + free shipping)

 Eight perfect day and evening shades:
1 - Shimmery nude
2 - Matte light brown
3 - Metallic rose gold
4 - Metallic gold
5 - Cool purple
6 - Pearl pink
7 - Deep wine
8 - Brown with golden shimmer

How to use
I start eye make up after setting up my face with primer >> cushion >> setting powder, followed by eye brow pencil. 
Ready for the shade?
BCL x Althea Sunrise Moonrise Eye Palette

Highly pigmented, good to have it a standalone layer

As a base, I use Matte Light Brown on the eye crease (till the bone right above your eyeball).  Using brush or finger is either good to go, I give myself a little challenge by completing it with brush (of course I had some informal practice beforehand LOL). No joke, I grinned at the moment putting on the shade, (much pigmented than my existing one), plus, with a touch of brown colour making the eye shadow to have a standalone shade without going adding any others, perfect choice for nude and light make up! It can be a gradient tone to my skin on face too, so no doubt that I'm hooked on it since then.

I add also Deep Wine colour to add on a layer of eye shade. For beginners, it's always good to go for nude colour range and pink range as they are the safe/conservative colour in my opinion. Never proceed to fancy shade till you have mastered the eye make up skills!

Close friends of mine have been alerted that I'm quite fancying on blink-blink item, from my sneakers, tote bags and accessories! Therefore, I wouldn't miss out to glitter some on my eye as well. 

Althea Spotlight Eye Glitter
#01 Gold Light
#02 Pink Light
Product: Spotlight Eye Glitter
Beauty Category: Eye shadow and/or eyeliner glitter, adding sparkle in overall make up
Benefit: Hydrating for long lasting wear (made with moisturized gel)
Brand: Althea Korea
Retail Price: RM 24 (click here for 20% off storewide)

Althea Spotlight Eye Glitter #02 Pink Light
Thick, creamy and damp upon applying.
Remember to use finger or cotton bud to pat and have it air dry.

How to use

I adhere it on the eye crease for some blink effect.
A little goes a long way, don't forget to blend it with your fingers.

More control from grip

Another thing to shout out is the black cap/holder of this eye glitter applicator. It is comparatively longer than others thus I have more grip to hold when using (I have shaking hands most of the time in working on eye make up), so it's a big plus point to me personally.

My make up doesn't stop here where I include also for.. (click on the link to read my review)

After skin care line, here comes Althea Exclusive make up line which I personally adore on their performance. Not to forget the affordable price everyone's can own it, Althea also has 30-days unconditional return policy to back you!

If you have some doubts on my reviews you wish to know, welcome to message me, I shall guide you on my best. Achieving a healthy skin is a must but you too, deserve a pretty make up face occasionally.


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