Dim Sum with Fresh Sea Breeze @ SeaQueen Restaurant, Straits Quay

Waking up for a beautiful day, work tension, stress, exhaustion shall be put down. To have a peach of mind, why not stroll along seaside and enjoying the morning sea breeze. What's even better is you can treating yourself with Dim Sum at the same time!

Tenant: SeaQueen Restaurant @ Straits Quay, Tanjung Tokong
Business Hour: 7am - 11.30pm everyday
Serve: Dim Sum (7am - 2.30pm & ), wedding packages (banquet hall provided)
Highlight: Dim Sum (Newly launched in March 2019)
Average spending: RM 25 & up/pax
Vehicle Parking: Within Straits Quay Marina Mall premise

Dim Sum selections @ Sea Queen Restaurant
蜜汁叉烧包 Roasted BBQ Pork Bun RM 9 *Personal pick

黄金流沙包 Egg Custard Bun RM 10
To my surprise, the custard rather diluted which is not strongly preferred especially when it's served piping hot. After our discovery on it, we then have it one more after it cool down and turns out much better (perhaps we know how to control it too).

Steamed Dim Sum Selections @ SeaQueen Restaurant

水晶鲜虾饺 Crystal Shrimp Dumpling RM 10
Prawn lover should have this! The fresh prawn is definitely a big key and it's simply tasting good with or without chilli sauce.

干贝凤眼饺 Scallop Dumpling RM 9
A mouthful of scallop and prawn! Quite satisfying if you were to have it one into your molar straight haha. I also pick some scallop slice to taste before having it as one. 

上海煎锅贴 Shanghai Fried Dumpling RM 9
Having pork inside with Chinese leek and covered up by the dumpling skin. Be expect to have a rather strong taste in overall. It's not deep fried like others which is to my liking. Don't forget to get some sips of Chinese tea to cleanse your taste bud haha!

Fried Taro Dumpling RM 9
Another favourite dish from me, I think I'll request to cut into four pieces from each in next time. Good to try it anyway!

蜜汁叉烧酥 Roasted BBQ Pork Cake RM 8
The egg yolk paste brings out the essential fragrance as I had it warm, it's not crispy as I first thought.

鲜虾脆云吞 Crispy Shrimp Wonton RM 8
I personally how the crispy thin skin go along with every bite of the prawn (I don't classify the big size one as shrimp after all haha). Good to go with mayonnaise cream sauce as well.

三峇虾肠粉 Sambal Shrimp Cheong Fun RM 8
Cheong Fun itself is perfect to have with the little dip of the soy sauce, personally I'd prefer to have a slightly small portion for a pax. The sambal isn't too spicy to me, hence it doesn't cover up cheong fun's standalone taste.

艇仔粥 Hong Kong style boat congee RM 10 *Personal pick好像有一阵子没有吃一口就喜欢上的感觉了!
The owner claims that it is a must for every diner to have boat congee in conjunction of the location which is seafront retail marina. The rich texture after mixing up the topping is definitely an exciting bomb! This warm bowl is topped with the sprinkles of peanut, roasted cuttlefish slice, pork floss, cracker, bait fish and spring onion. No additional seasonings is needed, all you have to do is stir to mix all the topping to ensure every scoop of the congee taste equally wonderful. 

香滑皮蛋粥 Century Egg Congee RM 10 *Personal pick
The smooth texture itself is pretty good to enjoy with the topping of sliced century egg and assorted crackers. I prefer to add some sesame oil to beat my tastebud. Remember to have it warm for better satisfaction!
炒三峇萝卜糕 Fried Sambal Radish Cake RM 9

I'm a Char Koay Kak lover so I couldn't miss out to have this whenever there is any. Not sure if my par is set too high, this kinda turns me down in the overall taste. Keep aside oiliness as it's expected, it has a rather low harmony between the radish cake and the egg I would say, both of them doesn't seem to blend out for a flavourful kick in the molar.

If you're new to SeaQueen Dim Sum, my recommendation would be:
1. 艇仔粥 Hong Kong style boat congee
2. 香滑皮蛋粥 Century Egg Congee 
3. 咸水角 Mix puff with pork (Sweet puff stuff with pork) *I must've missed out the photo but this one is so good to have!!
4. 蜜汁叉烧包 Roasted BBQ Pork Bun
Dim Sum Menu @ SeaQueen Restaurant
Dim Sum Menu @ SeaQueen Restaurant
We also had the chance to try on some ala carte dishes which is new on the menu. SeaQueen cater for corporate events, wedding banquet and related functions over a table, thus be expect over their dishes that simply suit to all walks of life.

Deep Fried Prawn Meat with Strawberry Salad Sauce

Deep Fried Squirrel Fish with Special Sauce

Braised Garden Green with Sea Cucumber and Abalone

Main entrance of SeaQueen Restaurant

You could also enjoy the morning breeze along the sea while gathering over a Dim Sum breakfast

Outdoor Dim Sum area @ SeaQueen Restaurant

Indoor seating also available if you prefer air-conditioned dining area
Last but not least, private room for exclusive gathering/celebration

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